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Really Mysterious Pennsylvania. UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One


Sightings Archive — 2006

The following incidents were among the sightings of alleged UFOs and the Unusual reported to researcher Stan Gordon throughout Pennsylvania and neighboring states (when available). These cases have come to Stan Gordon’s attention from various sources. Many sightings that have already been identified as natural or manmade in origin are not listed. Some of these reports are still being investigated.

DATE January 6, 2006
LOCATION Perrysville, Md (Looking towards Pennsylvania)

About 3:40 P.M., the witness was noticing the very dark clouds in the sky. At that time a silver luminous object was seen that appeared to be going back and forth, in and out of the clouds. The witness watched this activity for about 2 to 3 minutes.

DATE January 17, 2006
LOCATION King of Prussia, PA

(NUFORC) At 10:30 P.M., a small sphere that made no sound was observed as it moved towards the west.

DATE January 18, 2006
LOCATION Cannonsburg,PA

The witness was in his vehicle at 6:40 P.M. when he noticed two strange objects in the sky. The first object was in the SE sky, and the second object was from the north and moved over Cannonsburg. The objects flashed various colors of light. At one point the objects came close together, then split up and moved in different directions.

DATE January 24, 2006
LOCATION Moon Township

The witness was walking in this Pittsburgh suburb when at about 6:10 P.M. he noticed towards the southeast a steady beacon of white light. What was most interesting to the observer however, was a second circular shaped object which was moving around the perimeter of the first object. This second object appeared to glow and was a light brown color. Both objects were below the cloud layer, so the witness had a clear look at them. The witness explained that the second object moved gracefully around the main light. It would glide around the main light, and never went under or above the main light. It always appeared to stay to its side. It never made a complete circular motion. It would stop and move back to the other side of the main light. The objects were seen for about a minute as they moved out of sight.

DATE February 11, 2006

(NUFORC) At 1:40 A.M. a witness reported seeing a bright light stationary, with a red light blinking from side to side. At times, a broad light which was white in color would drop down for a couple of seconds.

DATE March 3, 2006
LOCATION Point Breeze, PA

A man was outside in this Pittsburgh suburb, when at 7:30 P.M. he looked up towards the south and saw a very bright light to the left (east) of the constellation Orion. The light was much brighter and larger than what the planet Venus looks like. After 3-4 seconds the light suddenly went out. The witness looked closely at the area, and he saw a small speck of light moving away from that sky location to the west-southwest. The light moved very fast, and there was no sound.

DATE December 6, 2006
LOCATION Warrington, PA

5:50 P.M., via NUFORC . The witness was going to work when a very bright light was observed pulsing and hovering in the sky not far from the County Line Road and Limekiln Pike. As the witness approached closer, three amber/purple lights surrounded the pulsating light, that if connected would create a triangular shape. There was a pulsating bright white light in the center as well. No sound could be heard from the hovering object.

DATE December 7 , 2006
LOCATION Harrisburg, PA

6 P.M., via NUFORC. The witness while driving observed 4 white lights in a stationary horizontal row, which appeared slighted slanted upwards towards the right. While under observation, the light formation shifted to nearly a vertical line, slanting a lot down towards the left. The lights moved together towards the left, then disappeared from view.

DATE December 11 , 2006
LOCATION Bridgeville, PA (Outside of Pittsburgh)

10:53 P.M., via NUFORC. Witness was driving on south Route 50 towards Bridgeville when he saw some bright lights in the distant sky moving towards the road that he was on. As he traveled a little further, a lighted object was right in front of him about 100 feet high, and 300 feet to his right side. The object was moving at a fast pace. The object appeared circular in shape, with the front part which faced the witness, looking like a half circle or bananna shape parallel to the horizon. There appeared to be lights on the section of the object that faced the witness, but not on the back section.

The lights were estimated to be 7 or 8 in number, and all seemed to blend into one horizontal light around the front of the object. The traffic was moving slowly, the witness assumed that others were watching the object. At one point the object came directly over the car and appeared more triangular in shape, with a bright light in the center. The object moved around the area in a circular pattern, then moved quickly away out of sight.

DATE December 12 , 2006
LOCATION Cramer, PA (Indiana County)

Low Level UFO

This sighting is still under investigation but appears to be a detailed low level UFO observation. This sighting occured on the evening of December 12, 2006. Two women were traveling on Route 403 near Cramer when they noticed in the distance, an unusual object moving low over a power line in their direction. As the object approached closer, the driver stopped the car to take a better look. They could see the outline of a large elongated diamond shaped object, with a light at each corner. The object appeared to be quite large, estimated at about 75 feet in length.

The object moved very slowly, and what surprised the women was that there was no sound as the object moved. The object which was very low and just above the tree tops, at one point passed directly over their vehicle. Another approaching car slowed down, and apparently those people also saw the object. The object tilted, then moved away out of the view of the observers at about 20 miles an hour.

DATE December 16 , 2006
LOCATION Across state

Numerous reports received via my PA UFO Hotline concerning an object and brilliant contrail moving upwards across the sky at 7 in the morning. Reports came in from Westmoreland County, and from as far away as Philadelphia County. This sighting can be explained by an early morning launch of a Minotaur 1 rocket carrying a TacSat2 satellite, from the NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia. In past years, other early morning launches from Wallops Island have been the source for other UFO sightings along the east coast.

DATE December 28 , 2006
LOCATION Indiana and Westmoreland Counties, PA

Indiana-Westmoreland Counties-During the evening, I received numerous reports from residents from around Derry, Blairsville, up through Homer City in Indiana County, about 3 strange bright lights moving around in the sky for an extended period of time. The movement and pattern of what witnesses was reporting, was consistent with the automated searchlight systems generally used to attract attention to a store having a grand opening or sale. The lights were determined to originate from a car dealership in Blairsville. The sky conditions made it hard to see any beams in the distance from where the light unit was located.

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