Venus-Not UFO-September 15, 2015 (Pennsylvania)

Venus-Not UFO-September 15, 2015


Copyright 2015 Stan Gordon

Copyright 2015
Stan Gordon


There was a number of UFO sighting reports during the early morning hours of September 15, 2015, from various locations in Pennsylvania. Witnesses reported a large brilliant shimmering object hovering in the eastern part of the sky for a considerable period of time. What they were likely observing was the bright planet Venus which appeared very bright in the early morning sky. Venus on a yearly basis is responsible for many UFO reports.


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Some UFOs Being Reported Likely Drones



Some UFOs Being Reported Likely Drones

For the last couple of years, and in more recent weeks, some UFO sighting reports from around Pennsylvania (and likely other sections of the country) might be explained as observations of drones. These devices are being used at various levels, with a huge interest from civilian hobbyists. One can order various multicopters or quadcopters online or walk into most any local hobby store where many models are available.

These remote controlled drones come in many shapes and sizes. Many are equipped with bright colored LEDs which are easily visible in the dark. The devices, depending on their distance from the observer, generally have an engine or propeller sound associated with them. Some of these devices have the capability to reach a relativity high altitude and can be a navigational hazard to aircraft. They are very maneuverable and can make sudden turns and change of direction.

I am hearing many reports of people flying these drones and I have no doubt that some UFO reports may be explained as observations of these devices.

The following are various photos of what a personnal quadcopter will look like.













































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Mini Light Configuration Two Feet from Witness-July 13, 2015-Ligonier, PA

Mini Light Configuration Two Feet from Witness-July 13, 2015-Ligonier, PA

On the evening of July 13, 2015, a woman staying overnight at a friend’s house had an unusual experience. The incident occurred in a rural area of Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, PA, where many strange events have taken place over the years.

The encounter occurred sometime between 11:30 PM and midnight. The witness had just turned off the bedroom light. She had arranged the pillows and the comforter on the bed and was preparing to watch TV. A few minutes later her eyes caught something only about two feet away on the comforter. The woman couldn’t figure out what she was seeing. Her first thought was that it was something, “like computer keys or a firefly.” What she was looking at was a tiny light configuration totally about 1½ inches in length. There were 3 rectangular lights all in a row and evenly spaced. They were translucent and bright yellow.

As the witness watched, a pattern of blinking began to occur. The light closest to her blinked one time. The middle light went out. The third light blinked once, the middle light then blinked, then it started back to the same pattern with the first light blinking once again. The witness reached out to grab at the light configuration and touched it but felt nothing. When she made contact with it, the light configuration just vanished. She looked all around but it was not observed again. The witness had never experienced anything like that before and is puzzled by what she saw.



What Is this Mystery Object?










What Is this Mystery Object?


On June 16, 1980, an unusual incident occurred in a rural location not far from Herminie, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It was about 9:30 PM, when the lady of the house was in her bedroom and noticed a bright object about the size of a car headlight hovering near some trees behind the house. She opened the window but heard no noise. Several minutes later when she returned to the window, the bright light was gone.

The next day, her husband discovered a strange metallic object sticking out of the ground, on the hill behind the house. The object which weighed a little over 20 pounds, was over 21 inches long, and looked like two metallic cones that had been welded together. My PASU group investigated the case many years ago. A laboratory analysis indicated that the object was made of three primary components, nickel, chromium, and iron and determined to be 100 percent stainless steel. The object appeared to be hollow.

There have been theories over the years as to what the object was, but nothing conclusive so far. The family involved was very credible and were perplexed over the incident. If you can identity this object please contact me at:





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