Did an Experienced Bird Watcher observe a Thunderbird in Pennsylvania?

Did an Experienced Bird Watcher observe a Thunderbird in Pennsylvania?

July 21, 2014-Indiana County, PA

From Researcher: Stan Gordon


When I received this call from the witness, it was apparent that he was still having difficulty dealing with the fact that he had observed something that he could not identify. The fellow had been watching and studying the birds of Pennsylvania as a hobby for many years. He knew that what he saw was very strange and he went back and studied his bird reference books before contacting me.

It was late afternoon on July 21, 2014, when the witness was driving through a rural area of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, that he noticed something in the sky that attracted his attention. In the distance, he observed what he first thought was a low flying small aircraft. That was until he noticed the wings were flapping very slowly.  He soon realized that he was watching the largest bird he had ever seen.

The gigantic bird was dark brown in color, and he could see a broad semicircular tail/rump area. The witness, who is very familiar with the birds in the state such as the egret, heron, crane and eagle, said that the wingspan dwarfed that of an eagle and he estimated the wingspan of this huge bird to have been longer than twelve feet. He watched the bird fly over the wooded area until it was lost from sight. The man stated that he was in a state of slight disbelief but estimated his total sighting to have lasted  about 20 seconds.

A note of interest is that there are a number of power lines close to the area of observation. Also, the location of the sighting is within a mile and a half of the Homer City power station. I have mentioned this before, but I have noted for years that many cryptid encounters as well as low level UFO sightings quite often occur in the vicinity of energy sources.




Strange Reports Continue to Surface from Westmoreland County, PA and Surrounding Areas June-July, 2014

Strange Reports Continue to Surface from Westmoreland County, PA and Surrounding Areas

June-July, 2014.

For several weeks now, I have been receiving both actual sighting reports as well as hearing rumors of various odd activity from Westmoreland County and other areas. Reports of strange footprints have come to my attention. I have also heard of alleged Bigfoot encounters as well as a number of UFO sighting reports. One detailed possible Thunderbird sighting is currently being researched. It is my understanding that witnesses have been reluctant to report what they saw- fearing ridicule.

If you have seen anything strange please contact me at 724-838-7768 or via e-mail at paufo@comcast.net. You can remain anonymous. I am interested in the information of what you observed to compare with other details I have accumulated over the years.


Strange Gold Object Seen near North Huntingdon, PA-June 24, 2014

Strange Gold Object Seen near North Huntingdon, PA-June 24, 2014

It was late evening when two people were walking a dog near North Huntingdon Township when one of them noticed what appeared to be a huge almost round object that was bright gold in color. While the pair watched the strange object it seemed to change in size and pulsated at times.

One of the two ran to get other witnesses. Soon two more people arrived outside and saw the object. Their first impression was that the object was a helicopter since they could at that time see some blue lights that were flashing and other red steady lights. The original observers at that point also thought it was a helicopter until it began to move in their direction and passed about 30 feet ahead of them.

They realized that the object made absolutely no sound and was of a very odd construction. They could see the main body which was the large hazy gold colored sphere of light, but at each side there appeared to be a triangular configuration. There was also some type of shape in the center of the body but it was not discernible. The silent object continued to move out of the area at a high rate of speed.

Metallic Disc Over Youngwood, PA-June 11, 2014

Metallic Disc Over Youngwood, PA-June 11, 2014

It was about 6:30 PM as a storm was moving from the Greensburg area towards Youngwood, that a witness noticed something unusual. The man observed what looked like a perfectly round metallic disc that appeared to be flying ahead of the storm. The object seemed to be positioned below the clouds. The object moved from right to left and at one point seemed to turn from top to bottom giving the impression that it might have been flying sideways. The object appeared silent and was only observed for about 10 seconds.


Bigfoot Comes to Penelopes Gift Shop-Greensburg, PA

My latest grandson Elijah is reading "Really Mysterious Pennsylvania."

My latest grandson Elijah likes “Really Mysterious Pennsylvania.”

Bigfoot Comes to Penelopes Gift Shop-Greensburg, PA

If you are visiting in downtown Greensburg, PA during July, 2014, stop by Penelope’s Gift Shop located at 101 S. Pennsylvania Avenue. They have a display of Bigfoot and UFO related items in their front display window.

On July 18, 2014, from 5-8 PM I will be there having a discussion about UFOs, Bigfoot and other strange encounters reported from around the area. I will be doing a book and DVD signing as well.

July 18, 2014-Penelopes Gift Shop-UFO & Bigfoot discussion and book & DVD signing

5-8 PM

101 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, downtown Greensburg, PA 15601-info-724-838-7030


Grandson Peyton will soon be reading,"Silent Invasion."

Grandson Peyton will soon be reading,”Silent Invasion.”

Check out the Bigfoot & UFO display at Penelope's

Check out the Bigfoot & UFO display at Penelope’s


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