Apr 16 2012

New bigfoot movie to include area researchers

A new movie concerning the topic of Bigfoot encounters in Pennsylvania will be filmed in various locations of the state, including Westmoreland County this year. Among the Pennsylvania Bigfoot investigators who will have a part in the film will be Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, Dave Rupert, and Denny Calisti. Stan will also be appearing in the production. Local filming is expected to take place in April. The film company is hoping for a late 2012 release date.

The film is called, Mountain Devil: The Search for Frank Peterson.

Promo trailer

The following details about the upcoming flick was provided by Producer Ryan Cavalline, of Raw Footage.

Mountain Devil: The Search for Frank Peterson is a fictional piece with documentary information in it. What you will be seeing is field investigations, true eyewitness statements, evidence that was found by field investigations, and the experiences we had while on the investigations in several parts of the PA area along with a fictional story…. I say fictional but, the story was created from several Bigfoot eye witness accounts, journal writings, sightings, and other stories on the Bigfoot in the PA area.

What I’m hoping to create is a fun film for b-movie lovers and yet give factional information about Bigfoot in the PA area. Other movies that this can be compared to are The Last Broadcast – which was a fictional/documentary on the Jersey Devil and The Legend of Boggy Creek – Which I’m sure we’ve all seen and love.

Filming will take place in the Rockton (Clearfield) area and in the Chestnut Ridge area. Principle shooting will also take place in the Bedford, PA area”.

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