Jun 27 2012

UFO Incidents Reported Statewide

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Cloud-Like Vortex

April 3, 2012-Between 8:30 and 9 PM.

Blairsville, PA-Indiana County

The witnesses had just finished doing some work when they noticed what they described as a fuzzy blob in the sky towards the northwest. As one witness ran to get a better look, it suddenly faded out and was not longer visible. It soon appeared again, but was moving towards the west. It appeared to have a definite shape to it, and with binoculars it was very clear. One witness described the object as looking like a sharply defined cloud-like vortex shape with the small end pointing in the direction it was traveling. The object appeared to be illuminated by the moon. Note: There were other similar observations reported from other statewide locations.

Object Hovers over Field and Pursues Car

April 3, 2012-9:30 PM.

Mount Joy, PA, Lancaster County

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Object Splits In two

April 3, 2012-Just after 10 PM.

Somerset, PA-Somerset County

The following report was received by my research associate Jim Brown.

I received a report of an unknown object in the sky on April 3, 2012. Report received via website response. The time was approximately 10 PM and was observed near Somerset, PA by two witnesses.

They report seeing a bright light moving slowly to the south near the horizon. First thoughts were an airplane. After about a minute the light stopped and remained stationary for about 15 seconds pulsating in intensity. Suddenly it became very bright, witness said almost as bright as the moon which was higher in the sky.

At this point he grabbed a cell phone and began recording the object. After about 30 seconds it dimmed and split into two lights. One shot straight up and vanished, the other shot back the direction it originally came from. Both were gone in a matter of seconds. They faded from sight as though dimming a light, not suddenly as one being switched off. The witness who recorded the video followed the object going upward, the other witness provided information regarding the one which returned along the original course.

The witness has the video and is making it available to me for analysis, although he says all you can see are the lights, no real detail. He does say that the when they split he followed the one that went up so the other one goes out of frame. But the one he followed went near the moon and at one point both the light and the moon are in a couple frames. May be good for comparison once I get the video.

Sky conditions at the time were clear however periods of varying degrees of cloud cover had been observed throughout the evening hours. I have spoken with both by phone and am awaiting their full report as well as the video.

Update from Jim Brown: Regarding an update, I have not been able to determine what was seen. I did get his video but as he stated in the initial report all you can see is a bright light go up and fade. Very jerky since the camera was hand held and no resolution so it could be anything.

Regarding the comparison in intensity with the moon, the moon passes through a few frames so quickly it is hard to do anything with it since at that time the auto exposure feature of the camera dims the image to the point where the object is invisible. The time was “just after 10” as stated on the report form returned to me.

Bigfoot Walking Near Farm

April 3, 2012

New Derry, PA-Westmoreland County

Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society received a second hand report that a Bigfoot was observed by several people walking by a farm near New Derry. If you have any details on this case please contact Eric or myself.

UFO Hovers Low Over House

April 4, 2012-12:15 AM.

Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

(This is a very detailed low level UFO observation. The investigation is still ongoing. Check back to view the upcoming report.)