Jul 12 2012

Giant Bird On Roadway


April or May, 2012

Leechburg, PA

Giant Bird on Roadway-Early Spring 2012-Leechburg, PA

During the late morning the witness was driving on Route 356 onto Armstrong Road in Leechburg. The weather was partly cloudy. As she traveled down the road she noticed ahead what appeared to be a very large bird on the road, possibly on top of a dead animal. As she got to about 20 feet distance, she slowed down as she approached closer to the huge bird. As she approached it opened its wings and flapped them and flew off very quickly. The witness was startled by the wingspan of the bird as she never saw anything that large. The wings of the bird extended out to cover about ¾ of the roadway width. It is a rural road with no lines.

The bird was dark in color, and the witness recalls no other details. She said, “It looked like a bird just giant sized”. The observation lasted about 30 seconds. Later she returned with another party to the sighting location curious as to what the wingspan would have been. It was estimated to be about 12 feet across. The witness never stopped since the bird took off.