Jul 22 2012

Strange light makes odd patterns in the sky over Clearfield County

During the morning of July 22, 2012, four people including Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, and Brian Seech, Co-founder of the Center for Unexplained Events, were conducting a night time wildlife observation study when they observed something very strange in the sky. Brian Seech has submitted his report concerning the observation. The following is a detailed report of the event submitted by Eric Altman.
Date: Sunday morning July 22, 2012

Start time 12:25 AM approximately

End Time 1:00 am approximately

Weather Conditions: few clouds, light to no breeze, temp 64.  Stars were very visible.

Where: Gas Well Line on Kelly Cellar Road, Moshannon State Forest, Pine/Rockton PA Clearfield County.

Brian, Amy and I were part of night time wildlife observation group in the Moshannon State Forest PA. We were located on a gas well line approximately 500 yards from our parked vehicles. Brian first noticed a strange orange colored light in the sky to our South West.  I originally thought it was the Northern Sky, however we saw the object in the Southwestern sky, the gas well we were on runs South West to North East. The object was in the South Eastern Sky.

Brian asked us what he was seeing in the sky and to look at what he was looking at so that we could perhaps answer what it was. Amy and I both looked and saw an object in the sky orangish in color. It was about midway high in the sky. I could not tell high or far the object was from us, but it was not very close.  It first appeared to be moving to the North west, and my first reaction was it was an airplane or a satellite.  We watched the object for a few moments and that is when we realized it was neither a plane, satellite, planet, or star.  The object stopped for a few seconds than began to move in unusual directions, something that would be nearly impossible for something I am familiar with.  It descended, stopped and then ascended in the sky.  It moved back to the southeast and stopped again.

Then we watched it as it began to move in patterns and directions that would not be easily if at all obtainable by something I am familiar with.  It began to move in small circles, then stop, big circles and stop.  It would zig zag across the sky in Z patterns.  It would move back and forth like a pendulum at times. We watched it do figure eights, loop de loops and move in diagonal directions. after watching this object move erratically in the sky, and it was moving faster than a plane or satellite.  It began to move closer to us and eventually over the tree line in the horizon.

It moved back and forth, up and down and we could see the object begin changing colors.  It would twinkle between changing colors.  It was an orange color, twinkle then it would be a solid red color. twinkle, change to white, twinkle, then back to red, and so on. It was a random pattern. It did this for about 10 minutes before it faded out.  While we were watching this object, we flashed our flashlights on it and the object would stop.  When we stopped flashing our flashlights, it would start moving again.

After it faded, we looked for the object for about two minutes and figured it was gone. Brian saw the object again, further away and much higher in the sky.  We could not see a color at this time.  Again, I stated that I thought it was a star and not the object we just saw. Then as we watched it, it began it’s unusual pattern of movement.  up and down, circle, zig zag, it even did a quick left to right stopped, dropped down, then stopped and moved right again.  These patterns continued for several more minutes.  It ascended again and stopped.  A few seconds later a plane came into our view from the Southwest moving to the North East.  We could definitely tell the difference at this time that the plane we thought was a plane was, The plane few directly over the hovering light we were watching.  While the plane flew over, the light did not move. It remained stationary.  Once the plane had passed this object began to move again and in its erratically pattern.

While we were watching it, I was in radio contact with our additional observation members who were over a mile away and Dave informed us he was on his way. Dave was a mile away in the woods and began heading our direction quickly.  He was able to arrive and watch the object for about 10 minutes. Brian was on his cell phone with his wife Terrie. We did attempt to film and photograph it with a sony cyber shot camera, a HVC EVO 4.0 Slide cell phone video camera, Dave tried to video tape it with a sony night shot camera, I tried a Sony digital Video Camera and even tried to look at the object with my thermal flir but we could not capture the object on video, photo or flir.  Just moments before Dave arrived, the object faded out again out of site.

Dave arrived and we told him what we saw.  While we were discussing the sighting, the object did reappear again.  This last time we watched it for 10 minutes and the four of us witnessed the object about the same height and distance in the sky begin to maneuver again in the same fashion it had when we saw it the two times prior. After 10 minutes of watching it, the object faded out for the final time.  We discussed what we had seen for several moments and then decided to meet up with the rest of our group to share our experiences.  We left the area approximately 25 minutes later.

The total time of the observation was approximately 35 minutes that I, Brian and Amy witnessed the object and 10 minutes that Dave got to see the object.

Hopefully you will find this information helpful and perhaps provide an explanation as to what we saw.


Eric Altman