Aug 02 2012

Three Glowing Circular Lights Rise from Ground

Three Glowing Circular Lights Rise from Ground

Early April, 2012-dusk

Tionesta-Forest County, PA

This incident occurred several miles from Tionesta and took place at about dusk.  The witness was out looking for her cats when she noticed something odd about fifty feet north of the center of the driveway. Suddenly, the berm of the road started to glow in a circular shape. She observed a circle of white light that was about two feet in circumference.

As she watched, the glowing circle became brighter and began to rise off the ground to a height of about six feet.  The object then formed into a dome shape with what was described as strands of smoke that were swirling inside the lighted circle and appeared to look somewhat like a jellyfish. The object then began to slowly move off toward a nearby field at which time it began to fade away until it could no longer be seen.

About five minutes later, the witness noticed a second similar glowing circular object about 30 feet away from where the first object was observed. The object looked the same as the first one, and followed the same pattern. It got brighter, rose off the ground and moved towards the field and vanished.  This was followed by a third similar object and doing the same actions. The third luminous circle of light appeared in the middle of the road about 60 feet from the second observation point.  The total observation time of the three anomalies was during a 15 minute span. No sound was heard during the sighting.

The witness commented that one cat ran from the field and wanted to be put inside the house, which was unusual for that animal. After the incident, the woman and her husband went to the locations where the objects were seen but they found nothing unusual.  There was a slight breeze in the area at the time and the weather was clear.