Aug 13 2012

Brilliant Fireball Reported in Northeast Pennsylvania

Brilliant Fireball Reported in Northeast Pennsylvania

August 8, 2012-Approximately 10:50 pm

Williamsport-Lycoming County, PA

What appears to have been an observation of a very bright fireball meteor, was reported around 10:50 pm on the evening of August 8, 2012 from locations in northeast Pennsylvania.  One witness I spoke with lives in the northern part of Williamsport, in Lycoming County, observed the fiery object crossing the sky from approximately NNW-SE. The witness stated that he only observed the object for about 3-4 seconds, and that it looked white and was very bright.

While under observation the witness thought he saw some smoke and possibly some sparks. Just before the object flashed out, the object got real bright. The witness heard no sound, and said that this object appeared to move slower than other meteors he had previously observed.