Aug 22 2012

Small Sphere Enters Moving Vehicle


Small Sphere Enters Moving Vehicle

July 30, 2012-5:00 pm

Bloomsburg-Columbia County, PA

It was about 5:00 pm on July 30, 2012, when an unusual incident occurred to a man who was driving toward the east on Interstate 80 between Route 880 and U.S. 15 west of Bloomsburg.  There were no other vehicles in the vicinity of this driver and he was moving at a good pace. The weather was clear with low humidity, so the driver was enjoying the ride with his windows down.

As he continued down the road, he began to experience an uneasy feeling as though something was wrong with his vehicle or that some type of accident was about to occur. He was trying to find a music station on his radio and was pushing the auto seek button. Then a short time later, something very strange took place which the motorist will never forget. Suddenly a white, translucent, solid round object, that appeared to be about the diameter of a soft ball appeared outside of the passenger side window. The object was not luminous.

The witness explained to me that the sphere may have been a little more oval than a soft ball in shape. It paced the vehicle as it moved, then floated into the cab through the open window. As the man watched, the object dropped slowly to the floor board, then quite slowly moved towards the driver along the floor. The witness was able to see through the sphere, and noticed that the surface of the object appeared to be crisscrossed and divided by a line about ¼ inch wide. The man said looked similar to a vein that was darker than the object and somewhat of a gray color.

The man, concerned about what was happening, had taken his foot off the accelerator as he was concentrating more on the object then the roadway. The object moved very slowly along the floor, then proceeded up the hump in the middle of the floor board. It then continued on to move toward the driver’s feet. When it reached his right foot, it suddenly stopped, then reversed direction until it became centered on the hump. The object then departed the truck by passing through the seat, the back of the cab, and out the bed of the moving vehicle. The man could not see the object after that. The incident lasted totally about 30-45 seconds.

The witness commented that the object moved in a nonchalant manner and just seemed as though it came in to look around and didn’t care that it was being seen.  The man’s odd uneasy feeling went away when the object left the vehicle. The man also told me that there were no vehicles, signs, bridges, or anything that could have caused a reflection in that area.