Aug 24 2012

Strange Hairless Creature Seen near Beaver Run Reservoir

Strange Hairless Creature Seen near Beaver Run Reservoir

August 1, 2012-6 :00 am

Mamont-Westmoreland County, PA

It was about 6 AM on the morning of August 1, 2012, when a motorist saw something that still has him baffled.  The witness was driving down Route 380 about a half mile past the Beaver Run reservoir, when from his left a very strange animal came out of the woods, about four to five car lengths in front of him.

The man slowed down to look at the odd animal which was now on the road, and was only about one car length away at that point. He was almost stopped as he continued to watch as the animal ran up a hill.  When it got to the tree line, the creature which was hairless except for the tail, and much bigger than a fox, looked back directly at him for about three seconds while it continued to run.  The witness got a good look at what he called, “it’s evil looking face.”  The creature moved into the woods and was no longer seen.  The man told me that his first thought after the encounter was, “what the hell was that”.

The man said that the creature ran in a fashion unlike any other animal he had ever seen before.  He described the strange animal as being about six feet long including the tail. It was estimated to weight between 70-80 pounds and the body was hairless, and grayish in color.  The entire body looked to be  wrinkly and muscular. The witness also noticed what appeared to be some dark splotches in the shoulder and leg areas. The tail was bushy and was about two-two and one half feet long. It was a bit darker, a gray-black color than the rest of the body. The tail stuck straight out and had a curve towards the end of it.

The witness when asked to describe the face stated to me, “Oh God, horrible, horrible, like a creature from hell- evil”. He told me that the eyes were all dark and larger than that of a dog. The mouth was not open. The nose was short and pushed in, but its ears were big and pointy. When it looked at the man he told me it startled him.

I received the report on this incident on August 22, 2012 , and interviewed the witness on August 23rd. It was obvious that the witness was still quite upset over the encounter he had with this strange creature.  This creature is similar to the one reported near Sharpsburg in Allegheny County on June 18, 2011.