Sep 04 2012

Fast Moving Light Observed Near Greensburg

Fast Moving Light Observed Near Greensburg

September 2, 2012-9:40 pm

Greensburg-Westmoreland County, PA

Two men traveling on Route 30 outside of Greensburg noticed something odd in the sky that caught their attention. It was about 9:40 pm, when they observed a very bright white light traveling fast across the sky. The object was relatively low in altitude, and their first thought was that this had to be one of the local medical helicopters that commonly operate in this area.

They soon changed their mind based on the high rate of speed this light was moving. The light appeared to have a light beam that extended downward and out ahead of it. As they continued to watch the light move steadily across the sky, it just suddenly vanished from sight. The entire observation was about 10-15 seconds.