Sep 23 2012

UFO Reported Over Rockton Ridge

UFO Reported Over Rockton Ridge

August 25, 2012-10 PM

Rockton Ridge-Clearfield County, PA

The following report was received from Ron Gallucci:

On Saturday August 25, 2012, Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society member Ron Gallucci and another researcher were doing a Bigfoot search night outing in the Rockton Ridge area of Clearfield County. The two were positioned on a gas line. It was around 10 pm as they were doing call blasts and listening for responses when they noticed a strange light in the sky. At first the light resembled a bright star but was flashing between red, orange and white colors. Continuing to watch the light it then started making erratic moves up and down and side to side. Then the object would then freeze in place and start moving all over again. The strange object was observed for about 10-15 minutes before it disappeared behind the top of the tree line. The object was not observed again the rest of the night.