Sep 27 2012

Glowing Sphere near Harrison City

Glowing Sphere near Harrison City

September 13, 2012- around 8 PM

Harrison City-Westmoreland County, PA

A report was received that several people near Harrison City had observed something unusual in the sky around 8 PM on September 13, 2012.  The observers noticed a bright object in the sky that was orange in color and was flickering. Their first thought was that they were observing a planet.  The object, however, was moving from the east towards the west.

The sky was very clear at the time and they watched as the object approached closer. The object was not that high in the sky and according to one witness I talked with, “the glow of it gave the impression of being spherical.” As they continued to watch the silent glowing sphere, it seemed to become quite large in size. One witness who was familiar with the Planet Venus said it looked similar to this object, however, the glowing sphere seemed to grow in size much larger than what Venus appears like on a clear night. The object was a deep orange color.

About two minutes after the object had grown in size, it suddenly began to shrink and became physically  smaller. The witnesses also observed what looked like six to seven lights towards the top of the object that were flashing quickly. The object suddenly made a 90 degree turn and began to move towards the east. They continued to watch as the object moved out of sight and seemed to wobble a little.  The sphere seemed to move off so far into the sky that it faded out and could no longer be seen. The entire observation was estimated to have been over 5 minutes.