Dec 11 2012

Large Boomerang Shaped Object over West Virginia home

December 5, 2012-9 PM

Oakhill, Fayette County, West Virginia

Large Boomerang Shaped Object over West Virginia home

I received this report from a witness not long after the occurrence. This fellow along with another person watched something quite unusual in the sky that was unlike anything they had ever seen before.  The incident occurred about 9 PM near Oakhill, West Virginia.  The witness and a friend were outside smoking and looking up at the clear sky for meteors when their attention was drawn to a large object that seemed quite low.  The object which was boomerang shaped was moving from the south towards the east and over the top of the house.

The boomerang shaped object made no sound, and was described as flat and somewhat V shaped, and a big solid craft. The entire front edge of the object was glowing with a blue-white light that seemed to occasionally pulsate. The entire object was covered in a mist, even though the sky was clear. The outline of the object was determined as a result of the lighting and mist. The man explained that it gave the impression that the craft was hiding or “cloaking”. The witness also wondered why something that large and low in altitude would not make any sound.