Jan 16 2013

Is Bigfoot Visiting Indiana County, PA?

Is Bigfoot Visiting Indiana County, PA?

Week of January 6, 2013

I have received information from a person who lives in a rural location of Indiana County that some odd happenings occurred around her home during the week of January 6, 2013. Most of the incidents seemed to occur during the early morning hours.

First something was banging on the side of her house. In the days to follow she began to hear a sound similar to a woman whining, that seemed to be originating from outside and close to the house. One night she caught a glimpse of a large figure outside of a window. Towards the later part of the week, the witness was outside and noticed a lot of deer tracks in the snow around her yard.

She also was surprised to see a series of small five toed footprints, which continued across a large section of her property. The tracks which had a wide stride between them were estimated to be about 8 inches long, but unusually wide for a human.  The toes were wide and rounded.  The heels of the footprints were pressed deep in the snow.  The woman wondered why a person would be walking bare foot in the snow.