Feb 10 2013

Fast Moving Object Splits from Formation of Lights

Fast Moving Object Splits from Formation of Lights

February 9, 2013- Between 10:30-11:00 PM

North Huntingdon, PA-Westmoreland County

The witness had just walked outside onto his porch to get some fresh air. He happened to look up into the clear sky towards the north, when he observed about 4-6 lights that appeared in a somewhat check mark- like formation.  The lights appeared round and bright orange in color. When the witness first saw them, his first thought was that these were military aircraft. As the man continued to watch, It was soon realized that the lights appeared to be stationary and made no sound.

Seconds later about 3-4 of the objects suddenly disappeared. In a few moments the witness watched as one of the remaining orange lights which seemed to have been positioned at the furthest section of the formation, suddenly shot off at a very fast rate of speed towards the north. The witness said that it might have had a slight trail behind it as it moved off and that it looked similar to a meteor but didn’t break up as they usually do.

The witness quickly called a neighbor to come outside and take a look. That neighbor was able to view the last light along with the primary witness. That light moved very slowly towards the southeast, and they watched as it moved far off in the distance but had changed to a white color, and looked similar to a satellite moving across the sky. The total observation time by the primary witness was about a minute.