Mar 05 2013

Color Changing Object Moves over Waynesburg

Color Changing Object Moves over Waynesburg

March 4, 2013-8 PM

Waynesburg-Greene County

A man was walking his dog and was standing in the rear of his home. It was about 8 PM as he was watching some aircraft moving across the clear dark sky that he noticed something else that was unusual. The witness saw a solid yellow colored light that was moving from the north to south but did not display any strobe lights such as those which could clearly be seen on the other aircraft moving in the sky.

The man watched as the object moved steadily across the sky. His first thought was that it might be a satellite but felt that it was moving slower than the other ones which he had observed in the past. As the witness continued to watch, the color of the object began to gradually change from the yellow color to a  bright blue color and the size of the light became larger. While in the slow process of changing colors, it also was diminishing in speed.

The object reached a bright blue white color, and appeared brighter than any star or planet in the sky at that time, and brighter than any lights on the aircraft also observed in the sky at that time. As the object peaked in brilliancy, it seemed to slow down almost to the point where it made a complete stop. At that point, the color of the object quickly returned to yellow then suddenly faded out and was no longer seen.