Mar 10 2013

Mystery Luminous Sphere Moves over Pittsburgh

Mystery Luminous Sphere Moves over Pittsburgh

March 9, 2013-About 9:25 PM

Penn Hills-Allegheny County & Greensburg-Westmoreland County

Two people were stargazing from behind their home near Penn Hills a suburb of Pittsburgh, on the evening of March 9, 2013. It was a very clear night and many stars were visible. Suddenly one of the observers yelled out to the other person. Both then observed what was described as a very large, blood red colored ball, moving across the sky from roughly southeast to northwest.

The object was roundish with a darkened red center and brighter red on the outside sections. The object appeared to move to slow for a meteor, and had no trail behind it. The silent object was observed for about 7-10 seconds. One witness commented that it was, “slow and big.”

At about the same time, another man who lives in the Greensburg area of Westmoreland County, was looking through his spotting scope at the clear sky trying to locate the comet recently discussed in the news.  As he looked towards the west through his scope, he observed a reddish-yellow solid looking ball.

The man said the object suddenly just appeared from out of nowhere while looking through the scope. He commented that it was as though someone turned a light bulb on. The object did not streak fast across the sky like a meteor. The man followed the object with his scope for about 10 seconds before the light as he described it went off.