Mar 17 2013

Huge Circle of Lights Observed in York County, Pennsylvania

Huge Circle of Lights Observed in York County, Pennsylvania

March 14, 2013-6:28 AM

Wrightsville, PA-York County, PA

A man was doing some computer work at about 6:28 AM on the morning of March 14, 2013, when he noticed a series of bright lights through a nearby window. The lights seemed to be moving quite slow and were low in the sky caught his attention. His first thought was that it was an aircraft but as he looked through the window, he soon realized that this was something unlike anything he was familiar with.

What he observed was a perfect circle of approximately 12-15 bright white lights, most of which were steady and non-blinking.  At the right and left side of the circular pattern there were two lights in those areas that did pulsate different colors such as green, red, blue, and yellow.

Upon seeing this, the man yelled to a friend to come quickly to see what he was watching. According to the witness, the object was very large and comparable in size to a commercial jet liner. The object was moving very slowly and it took about 15-20 seconds to pass by a window that was only about 3 feet wide. The witness could not understand why he was unable to hear any sound from an object that large in size and at such close range.

The object was estimated to be about 300-500 feet in altitude and approximately the same distance away from the observers. The object took about 20-25 seconds to move over an area that was about 2 football fields in distance as it passed the window then moved beyond the trees. The object was observed as it moved northeast toward the direction of Mount Joy in Lancaster County,which was across the Susquehanna river.

The witness I interviewed said he was certain that others in the area had to see this object since many people were on the road at the time. The man also told me that he had never seen anything like this before, and did not believe in UFOs until now.

graphic sketch of the circular light pattern

The graphic was used with the permission of the witness

Graphic sketch of the circular pattern of lights

(Graphic used with permission of the witness.)