Mar 22 2013

Breaking News-Fireball Lights Sky Over Pennsylvania- March 22, 2013

Bright Fireball Over Pennsylvania-March 22, 2013

What appears to have been a brilliant fireball meteor was reported this evening at approximately 7:53 PM from Pennsylvania. One witness I talked with located outside of Harrisburg, said he saw a streak of light followed by a “doughnut of black smoke,” then observed a brilliant white flash in the sky. The entire observation lasted 2-3 seconds.

Check out the American Meteor Society website http://www.amsmeteors.org/2013/03/eastern-usa-fireball-march-22-2013/ for updates where they are reporting multitudes of reports from many states along the east coast.

While this appears to have been a bolide meteor, I think we need to await any confirmation of possible space debris re-entry, since some Russian debris was forecast to re-enter in the next few days.

If you saw the fireball over PA, please send me a report so I can track the observations.

Stan Gordon