Mar 29 2013

Small Sphere Seen Through Window

Small Sphere Seen Through Window

March 21, 2013-Approximately 8:15 PM

Masontown, PA-Fayette County

Investigated by J. Brown


Masontown, Pa. – 21 March, 2013 – Approximately 8:15 PM. The witness was sitting in his house watching TV with his son.  The curtain on the window was open allowing a direct view outside.  A light caught his attention coming from the window.  He saw a light, best described as a small glowing ball through the glass. Both he and his son saw the light. It was about 6 feet from the window, in front of a large tree in the yard. His thoughts were that someone was in his yard shining a light into the window.

Fearing a possible break in or other intrusion he went to the den and armed himself with a gun and a flashlight before going out the side door to confront the intruder. His son continued to watch from inside.  Upon turning the corner of the house he shined his flashlight toward the ball of light. It immediately shot straight up into the sky and vanished. His son witnessed the same from inside the house.

Both witnesses were interviewed and gave the same account of the events. More in-depth questioning also brought out a few more details.  The object was described as a solid, glowing sphere, not simply a light source. No other detail could be seen, although both said it had well defined edges. It was about 10 – 12 inches in diameter based on comparison to the tree trunk diameter. The position was well below the horizon as seen from the window, thus confirming its nearby location.

When asked about how it moved both witnesses said it had little to no movement until it shot into the air.  At that point it was still seen as a rapidly moving sphere, not a beam of light.  Several branches of the tree extended above the object’s location.  Neither witness could definitively say whether it went through the branches or between them, however both said the direction upward was direct with no discernible shift as it moved through the tree limbs.

Weather conditions were mostly cloudy, Temperature in the 30s at the time. No sound was heard, nor any other effects noted.  No physical evidence was found after the sighting.  A follow up contact 25 March, 2013 provided no additional information.