Mar 29 2013

UFO Formation “Like a Train in the Sky”-March 9, 2013

sketch of objects in formation over Greensburg, PAUsed with permission of the witness

sketch of objects in formation over Greensburg, PA
Used with permission of the witness

UFO Formation “Like a Train in the Sky”-March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013-Approximately 9:30 PM

Greensburg-Westmoreland County, PA

A man was outside doing some star-gazing on the evening of March 9, 2013, when he observed something that startled him and has left him baffled. The witness was looking up into the clear dark sky when at about 9:30 PM, he observed 7-9 objects toward the southeast. The man was startled by what he was seeing and he told me that the best way to describe it was that they looked “like a train in the sky.”

When I went to the location of the sighting to interview the witness, he pointed out the path that the objects took as they moved high over downtown Greensburg. The objects each appeared to be rectangular in shape and seemed similar to boxcars. Each one looked identical in that they appeared yellowish-gold in color, and the surface appeared to be speckled with a slight gold illumination.  All of the objects looked as though they had a texture of lighted bumps.  The witness explained to me that these didn’t appear to be separated lights but a constant illumination.

They all moved together in formation like ducks, however they were not in a V, rather in a staggered diagonal line.  The witness could see the sky between each object, and there was nothing connected to them.  As the silent objects continued to move they all kept about the same distance from each other. The objects never changed positions and remained perfectly in formation as they traveled. The objects moved high above and to the right of the county courthouse and continued to move smoothly towards the northwest.

The objects were observed for about 10-12 seconds before the view of the objects was blocked by trees and houses. The formation was silent and moved consistently in the same formation and never changed speed or direction. The witness estimated that from their distance and altitude, the objects appeared to be quite large.

Note:  I received other independent reports on this same night, and around the same time frame from other observers who watched something different from what this witness observed. For more details see: http://www.stangordon.info/wp/2013/03/10/mystery-luminous-sphere-moves-over-pittsburgh/