May 10 2013

Update on Possible Military jet UFO Pursuit on April 17, 2013 over Southwestern Pennsylvania

Update on Possible Military jet UFO Pursuit on April 17, 2013 over Southwestern Pennsylvania

On the evening of April 17, 2013, I received a phone call from the father of a young man who, along with several other fellows, had observed something strange in the sky that evening. The father had called me at 8:17 PM, and the incident had reportedly occurred about 15 minutes previous to the call.  At that time I talked with both the father and the witness concerning what had taken place.

The father told me that he was picking up his son at his place of employment outside of Latrobe.  When he got to the location, he noticed his son and some other employees looking up at the sky. He didn’t know what was going on and didn’t get out of the car to find out.  When him son got in the car, he told his father about a strange event that had occurred in the distant sky. After talking with his son about the incident the man contacted me.

I learned from his son that he had just finished his work shift and was exiting through the rear entrance of the building when he noticed several coworkers looking up at the sky.  There was still some light out, and it was off in the distance towards the west that he observed a strange object at a very high altitude. The witness at first thought that it was the fuselage of a helicopter. The object appeared to be dropping straight down from the sky “like a bomb falling”. The object was black in color, and long and narrow in shape. There were what appeared to be about four round large lights on the side.

The object was dropping and spinning as it fell. Suddenly, he noticed what appeared to be two military jets with contrails approaching in the sky. The first jet came from the east and began to close in on the object approaching it from the back. The second aircraft approached from the west, and came straight toward the object. The witness told me at that time that there appeared to have been some interaction between the aircraft and the black object. The fellow is unsure what occurred, but he believes the aircraft either bumped or fired on the object, at which time the object suddenly began to spin and descend faster.

The object continued to fall lower in the sky, but was lost from sight by the observers. The two aircraft then departed from the area, moving back toward the direction they originated from.  The entire observation lasted about 3 minutes.  As of this writing I still have been unable to talk with the other observers. I hope to be able to do this at some future time.

I did learn that a resident of Latrobe was walking his dog at about 8 PM, when he noticed an odd aircraft contrail towards the western sky.  The man said this contrail stood out because it was shorter and brighter than others he normally has seen and it seemed to be climbing higher in the sky rather than going horizontally.

There were apparently some other UFO reports from across the state reported on this same date to (MUFON)  the Mutual UFO Network. Most interesting was a UFO report they received from the Pocono Summit area of Monroe County. The sighting account describes the observation of a black cylinder shaped object moving at a high rate of speed. I find that interesting since it is similar to the observation reported near Latrobe.

If you have any details on this or other incidents, please contact Stan @ paufo@comcast.net