Jun 07 2013

Possible Thunderbird sighting

Possible Thunderbird sighting

April 26, 2013-1 AM

Bryn Athyn, PA-Montgomery County

Two teenagers doing some late night exploring in a wooded area claim to have seen a huge bird that they could not identify. As they were moving among the trees, they suddenly heard a loud noise that gave them the impression that a tree was falling. Their reaction was to put their hands over their head and crouch down hoping to avoid being hit.

Nothing fell, but as they looked up, they observed a huge black bird about 40 feet up in a tree that was visible in the moonlight. I interviewed both fellows, and they estimate that the wingspan was between 10-12 feet in width. The height of the bird was estimated to be about 4 feet tall. They believe that they must have startled the bird which flew at tree level to another tree about 30 feet away. They could only see the silhouette of the creature at that point. The sound was apparently being caused by the bird flapping its huge wings that occurred three times.