Jun 13 2013

Another Possible Bigfoot Encounter Reported from Northeastern Fayette County, PA-May 23, 2013

Another Possible Bigfoot Encounter Reported from Northeastern Fayette County, PA-May 23, 2013

The following report was received from Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. www.pabigfootsociety.com

Initial Report – May 23, 2013 Northeastern Fayette County

Early evening, near a thickly wooded area, a mother and her adult daughter were walking their dogs and just entered a large meadow.  As they were walking, they noticed a large beige colored creature that appeared to be grazing at the opposite end of the meadow approximately 250 yards away.  The women assumed what they was a deer as it was similar in color and appeared on all fours.  The dogs began to bark at the animal, and the creature rose up onto two legs.  The five dogs went silent, and lay down on the ground, tucking tails.

The creature began to walk towards the two women.  The woman stated they could clearly see the animal was walking on two legs and could see long arms swinging as it approached.  The mother screamed, the two ladies and the dogs quickly fled the area.  They did not get a close enough look to offer a detailed description of the creature other than it appeared to grow in height and size the closer it got. They guessed it stood over six feet tall and was of enormous size.

A preliminary search of the area on May 24 by PBS members Eric Altman, Shawn Dennis, Christopher Brinker revealed no evidence. PBS members Eric Altman, Shawn Dennis and Josh Brinker met with the daughter and her boyfriend on May 31.   The mother did not wish to talk to us or anyone about what she witnessed.  The PBS members were taken to the location and a search was conducted.  No evidence was found in the area.

The daughter appeared credible and we believe she witnessed what she claims.  The daughter became very emotional and began to shake when recounting her sighting to us.  We were also shown other areas in the heavily wooded area. It was near there that other alleged activity has occurred in the past which included, loud screams being heard, rock throwing incidents and a possible road crossing sighting in the forest on a maintenance road the year prior.

Initial conclusion:  The preliminary investigation and eyewitness meeting did not yield any physical evidence; however the area itself is extremely rural in places, providing miles of mountainous forested area.  There are ample water and food sources, and an abundance of wildlife and game.  We feel the eyewitness and her boyfriend were both credible and believed what they witnessed and experienced in the past to be possible Bigfoot activity. The boyfriend of the witness relayed to us that other neighbors and residents were aware of the ongoing activity in the area. The PBS has been invited back to this area in the near future to conduct further investigation and research.