Jun 13 2013

Strange Activity Reported Along the Chestnut Ridge-June 11, 2013

Strange Activity Reported Along the Chestnut Ridge-June 11, 2013

This report was completed by Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.



6/11/2013 approximately 1:30 am

Weather conditions overcast and raining.

Residence located at the border of heavily forested area, Eastern slope of the Chestnut Ridge, Westmoreland County Pennsylvania.

Witness claim:

This witness has had prior claims of activity and sightings and has contacted Stan in the past about her sighting and other encounters in and around her property.  Stan has investigated the claims in the past and is familiar with the witness. The woman contacted Stan Gordon to report that approximately 1:30 am, she was in her home reading a book when she began to hear child- like high pitch screams coming from a forested hillside east above her home.

Her son was also awoken to the screams but he did not investigate.  The woman went outside to investigate.  Her two large dogs charged up the yard towards the screams.  They got so far and quickly turned around and ran back to the house and went inside.  The woman continued to investigate and with her flashlight, she claims she saw blue eye shine reflecting about 10 to 11 feet in the air and felt like whatever it was, was staring at her.

Then she heard 10 repetitive knocks she described as a bat hitting a tree or a bat hitting a baseball. She said they were very quick and very loud.  That was the extent of her encounter. Later that morning after the rain let up, she went out to look for tracks and said she found some large slide marks in the mud on a trail she believed the creature had walked down. She contacted Stan by phone and reported the encounter.  Stan contacted me and we spoke by phone in which he requested I assist him with the investigation.


May 11, 2013 at 8:30 pm, Stan, his son, Frank, and I arrived on site to investigate.  The woman relayed her encounter with us.  The four of us went to the area where she saw the eye shine to investigate for signs and tracks.  We found no evidence of anything large being on the hillside other than some trampled weeds and brush.  There are several game trails on the hillside as well as a trail up to a make shift tree house.

While exploring the hillside, two young men came out to see what we were doing.  One boy lives nearby and he confirmed he did hear the screams but couldn’t explain what it was.  The other boy did not hear anything. Apparently, the boys frequent the woods and told us they have heard coyote and other wildlife sounds in the wooded area.

No further information was collected.  Stan did confirm that he had collected other information from other witnesses who claimed similar screams in the general area a few months prior. This area has a long history of sightings, track discoveries, audible sounds and other encounters.


Although no physical evidence was found to substantiate the woman’s claim, we did receive a confirmation from the neighbor boy who also heard the sounds.  The woman has agreed to keep us posted in the event anything further of note occurs on or around the property.