Jun 21 2013

Stan returns to “Coast to Coast with George Noory”

Stan returns to “Coast to Coast with George Noory”

June 25, 2013-Tuesday morning 1-4 AM eastern time (Pittsburgh area.)


The show is heard in the Pittsburgh area on 104.7 FM. You can check this link for a radio station near you. The show can be heard across the country. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/stations

Hello to all of my friends and associates:

I have been invited to come back on the Coast to Coast radio show for a three hour segment. Join George and me as we discuss a history of mysterious events from Pennsylvania. We will talk about Kecksburg, UFOs, Bigfoot, Black panthers, Thunderbirds, and other mysterious entities and strange encounters. I hope you will stay awake and tune in.

Stan Gordon