Jul 02 2013

Anomalous Aerial Objects-June 21, 2013

Anomalous Aerial Objects-June 21, 2013

This report was received from Researcher: Keith Bastianini, who has given me permission to post it.

Date: Friday, June 21, 2013

Location: Mars, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Time: Approximately 9:45-10:00 pm

The following report was received from a resident of Butler County concerning an anomalous sighting of threes aerial objects on the night of Friday, June 21, 2013.  The time was approximately 9:45-10 PM.  The witness, an environmental consultant, and seven of his neighbors were together in the yard area between their homes in a suburban development situated between the town of Mars and Cranberry Township at the time of the sighting.

The witnesses observed 3 roundish, red-orange glowing objects traveling from south-southeast to north-northwest.  Two objects were relatively close to each other, trailed farther back by the third.  It appeared that they followed the same or similar flight line/path.  Objects emitted no noise or were too far away to hear.  Objects faded away as they reached the same location in the sky.  Objects were not going slow, nor were they going fast.  However, they all appeared to be traveling at the same rate of speed right up to the point of disappearance.

No estimate on the actual size of the objects, or distance from the witnesses, was possible although the lead witness thought they would appear smaller than a dime held at arms’ length.   The witness thought the most prosaic explanation was that they were Chinese lanterns however the steady rate of movement, maintained distance between the objects, and the way they all winked out at the same spot in the sky seemed odd.  Said that even if the fire went out he would have expected to still see the object dark against the sky.

Because of the professional nature of the witness’ career, he requested that he remain anonymous.