Sep 15 2013

Is That A Bigfoot In This Game Camera Photo? Cambria County, PA

Is that A Bigfoot in this Game Camera Photo?

Cambria County, PA-August 25, 2013

Game camera photo used with permission of the owner.

Game camera photo used with permission of the owner.

I recently received a series of daylight photographs that were taken on a game camera that was mounted in a heavily wooded area of Cambria County, Pennsylvania. The hunter who owns the camera, while viewing the pictures for any wildlife that might have been captured, noticed something unusual that appeared on numerous separate digital images.

At the top of the hill far off in the distance, there is a dark, upright indistinct shape that appears to be moving between the trees when viewing the sequence of the various digital images. The man who saw the images is apparently quite skeptical of Bigfoot reports, but found them interesting enough to show to a relative who was interested in the subject.

A photo analysis of the images will be conducted by one of my research associates to see if further details can be obtained to try to determine just what is in the pictures.  There have been other alleged Bigfoot sightings reported from Cambria County and other nearby counties during the last year. Keep checking back for updates on this case.

A blow up of the subject in the Game camera photo. Used with permission of the owner.

An enlargement of the object between the trees from the same game camera photo. Used with permission of the owner.

A Possible Explanation:

This is a response from researcher Jim Brown @ http://www.jimsdestinations.com/ concerning the game camera images. Jim has examined numerous anomalous photographs and  lots of video footage over the years.


I took a look at the pictures you sent.  The detail is insufficient to
determine anything definitive however based on the shadowing I see it
appears the creature is actually a bit of pareidolia caused by shadows
shifting on the tree trunk in the distance.  I see no evidence of movement
beyond the immediate area of the trees in question.  I tried false color
and intensification as well as edge enhancement to bring out additional
detail however the resolution prevented going much beyond the original
size.  Pixelization limits.