Sep 28 2013

Oranges Spheres Over Lancaster County, PA-September 27, 2013

Oranges Spheres Over Lancaster County, PA

September 27, 2013

Denver, PA-Lancaster County

A witness driving near the town of Denver, observed something strange in the sky at about 8:25 PM. The man noticed what appeared to be an orange luminous sphere moving in his direction at an altitude of approximately 400 feet.  The shape appeared to be round in the clear starlit sky.

The witness pulled his vehicle over and watched as the object moved off  along Route 272. The man watched the object until he lost sight of it along a distant tree line. About 40 seconds after he lost sight of the first object, a second identical looking object appeared and followed the exact path as the original object. The witness estimated that he observed each object for about 30 seconds. The man also noted that there was no sound while the lights were under observation.

Note:  There have been numerous similar such reports all across the state during past weeks and months.  Many of these observations are likely launches of Chinese lanterns or sky lanterns, or other similar devices.