Jan 19 2014

UFO Exits from Strange Cloud Formation-July, 2013


UFO Exits from Strange Cloud Formation-July, 2013

Jeannette, Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County

Sketch of the UFO incident as drawn by the witness Used with permission of the witness

Sketch of the UFO incident as drawn by the witness
Used with permission of the witness

I recently interviewed a witness who had observed a very strange event near Jeannette, Pennsylvania, in mid-July of 2013. The man was disturbed over what he had experienced, but did not report the account until recently. This observer is very credible and made some drawings to help explain the activities that took place during the incident.

It was a nice evening and there was a clear blue sky on the evening of the incident. It was around dusk and the witness decided to sit down on the outside steps and relax a few minutes. As he was looking towards the north he noticed a large dark gray elongated cloud about as large as a football field. The cloud looked out of place in the surrounding clear sky.

As the man looked at the cloud, he was startled to see a bright white flash of light that just flashed once on and off in the center of the cloud. The witness wondered if it was lightning, but thought it unusual due to the clear sky he was seeing. Then 1-2 minutes later the witness watched as a very long rippling line of what looked like burning smoke appeared and rolled out from the left side of the cloud. This cloudy formation was similar to the color of the cloud and covered an extensive section of the sky as it extended out towards the south.

As the man continued to observe, he glimpsed for only a second what appeared to be a metallic object, shaped like a boomerang that appeared towards the end of the rolling cloud-like formation. Then at the end of the cloud line, a bright light appeared and stayed visible. The light was spherical and at that distance appeared to be about as large as a baseball.  The ball of light which made no sound, began to move east and towards the direction where the witness was located. As the sphere of light continually moved along its path, it continued to grow in size from that of a baseball to the approximate diameter of a volleyball.

Then the light sphere stopped in front of the witness at a distance of approximately 50-60 feet away, and about 600-900 feet off the ground.  The color of the object changed from an orange-yellow to mainly orange hue. The object was only visible for a few seconds while it hovered before it suddenly accelerated in speed and zoomed off into the sky towards the south, and was gone from sight in seconds.