Jan 30 2014

Daylight Sighting of Elongated Object near Madison, Pennsylvania-January 29, 2014

Daylight Sighting of Elongated Object near Madison, Pennsylvania-January 29, 2014

Westmoreland County, PA

On the afternoon of January 29, 2014, two people were traveling in a car on a country road about one mile outside the borough of Madison when they noticed something very unusual in the sky. A strange object could be seen as they continued their journey, but the view of the object was obstructed by trees along the road. The driver pulled over at a clearing to get a better look at the object that appeared to be motionless. The object was estimated to be about a mile up in the sunny sky.

The craft according to one witness looked to be cigar shaped.  He stated to me during an interview, “it looked like a cruise missile but sitting still.” The other observer thought the object looked more rectangular and quite long. The object was either white or silver and color, but that was unclear due to the sun reflecting off the surface of the object.

The silent object had no windows, propellers or markings. The two observers were able to see the left side of the craft from their position.  They did notice what appeared to be a small wing which was very stubby along the left side. They did not notice any other wing structures.  They watched the object for about 30 seconds while it hovered. The object suddenly moved off and traveled toward Pittsburgh. As the object moved across the sky, no propeller or engine sound were heard.

The witnesses had never seen anything like this before. One thought was that this was some type of new drone operating in the area and coinciding with the Presidential visit that same afternoon in Pittsburgh.  The description however is unlike any of the drone prototypes that I am familiar with.

If anyone else saw this object please contact me at paufo@comcast.net or 724-838-7768.