Mar 27 2014

Giant Bird Observed Near Jeannette, PA-March 25, 2014

Giant Bird Observed Near Jeannette, PA-March 25, 2014

There have been reports for many years from all across Pennsylvania of observations and even close encounters with huge birds with tremendous wingspans. The birds are generally described as dark brown or black in color. In some cases these creatures have been observed at quite close range. These sightings continue to be reported from various statewide locations.

On the afternoon of March 25, 2014, a man was taking a walk near Jeannette, PA and happened to look up into the sky. The sky was quite cloudy at the time and the witness noticed what appeared to be a small aircraft towards the east. As he continued to watch what he thought was a piper cub, he realized that it seemed to be moving too fast for a small aircraft. As he focused on it he was startled to see that “the wings were turned up at the end.”

The man realized that the dark colored object he was seeing was not a small airplane but appeared to be a huge bird. As he watched, it glided towards the west and brushed the clouds at times. He never saw it flap its wings. While it was difficult to judge the altitude of the creature, the witness estimated that the wingspan was about 15 feet across. The man wanted to get a better look so he ran into his house to grab a pair of binoculars. When he returned outside, the bird was continuing to glide and quickly moved out of sight. He never had the chance to observe it through the binoculars.