Mar 27 2014

Pulsing Silent Object over Hempfield Area-March 14, 2014-Westmoreland County, PA

Pulsing Silent Object over Hempfield Area-March 14, 2014

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

 A couple was having breakfast before getting ready to go to work at about 6:15 AM on March 14, 2014, when something outside the window drew their attention. Towards the southeast they noticed a bright pulsating light. It was still dark outside and they watched as the strange light moved closer in their direction.

The observers soon realized that the object which was moving towards the northwest was made up of a series of lights. In the front was a large yellow colored light that was pulsating in a steady pattern. At the back was another yellow colored light that did not pulsate. On each side of the object were steady white lights. The object which was moving at about the speed of a small single engine airplane, passed overhead at an estimated altitude of 300-500 feet. The people opened a window to listen for any sound but nothing was heard.

The witnesses are very familiar with the local aircraft and helicopter traffic which commonly pass over the area. They are baffled by what they saw.