Jun 06 2014

Bigfoot Sighting Reported Near West Newton, PA-May 17, 2014


Bigfoot Sighting Reported Near West Newton, PA-May 17, 2014

On May 19, 2014, I received a report of a possible Bigfoot encounter from Westmoreland County. During my first interview with the witness the next day, I learned that the man and his teenaged daughter were driving on Route 201 towards West Newton on the evening of May 17, 2014, when something strange occurred. It was after 11 PM as they were driving down the rural road that the father who was driving the vehicle caught a glimpse of something off to the right side of the road.

At a distance of about 15-20 feet away, the man saw what appeared to be a person crouched down on the roadside. It suddenly rose up from the ground and began to walk onto the roadway in the path of the vehicle. The driver had to swerve slightly into the left lane to avoid hitting the dark figure. His daughter responded at the same time, “Did you see that dad?”

What they observed was a tall man-like creature, which appeared to be covered in black fur from head to toe. As it crossed the road, they could see its arms swinging. No odd sounds or smells were reported during the observation. The feature that stood out to both observers was the glowing eyes of the creature. The man remembered that the glowing eyes were bright white with a bluish tint, while the daughter remembered they were more of a greenish color.

The man watched the figure in the rear view mirror as they continued down the road. The creature was standing in the roadway looking toward the car. The driver said he could still see the glowing eyes of the creature, but they didn’t appear to be as bright at that time. The father was curious and told his daughter he was going to turn around to try to see the creature again. His daughter was frightened by the experience and told him to keep going, that she didn’t want to go back.

On June 1, 2014, Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and I were able to meet with the father and look over the location where the encounter had taken place. There had been a lot of rain in the area and no tracks were found. The witness was credible and Eric and I were familiar with the general area since there had been a history of other Bigfoot reports near there over the years.

I noticed many years ago while investigating that many Bigfoot sightings and UFO encounters quite often seem to occur in the vicinity of energy sources. It was noticed that a series of high tension power transmission towers were located close by. The high tension wires actually crossed over the road near where the creature encounter occurred.