Sep 24 2014

Was a military jet searching for UFO?-Elizabeth Boro, PA.-September 20, 2014

Was a military jet searching for UFO?-September 20, 2014

Elizabeth Boro, Allegheny County, PA

 On the evening of September 20, 2014, a witness was taking a walk when he observed a large luminous object in the sky. The object which was moving from north to south, was described as very large, bright, and round, and was observed as it zoomed straight across the sky. As the witness watched, the object suddenly descended straight down from the sky towards the ground. The witness lost sight of the object as it fell in the distance.

About 15 minutes later the witness heard a loud jet engine. He ran outside to look and observed a jet aircraft moving at a high rate of speed and at a low altitude. The aircraft which he believed was military, was flying towards the same area where the object was seen falling.