Nov 02 2014

Huge Cigar Shaped Object Hovers Over Chestnut Ridge-September 24, 2014

Huge Cigar Shaped Object Hovers Over Chestnut Ridge

September 24, 2014-Fairchance, PA

Researcher Jim Brown has been investigating a UFO sighting that occurred on September 24, 2014, outside of Fairchance in Fayette County. It was around 7 PM, when the witness observed what was described as a single huge cigar shaped object that appeared low on the eastern horizon over the Chestnut Ridge.

The object was described as hazy and gold-orange in color. The object appeared to hover over the ridge area and never moved or changed appearance during the nearly 10 minutes that it was being observed.

Then within 5 seconds while under observation, the object suddenly vanished from sight and was not observed again. It never moved away from its position or showed any motion or deformity. Jim indicates that the case is still open to investigation and that he has not received additional reports or corroborating details.

Note: The hazy description of the cigar shaped object is similar to what was described by a witness on September 3, 2014, in Indiana County. The Chestnut Ridge area along Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana counties continues to be active yearly with reports of UFOs, and other strange encounters.