Feb 08 2015

Glowing Football Observed in the Sky from Butler County, Pennsylvania-February 6, 2015


Glowing Football Observed In the Sky from Butler County, Pennsylvania-February 6, 2015

It was late afternoon on February 6, 2015, when a man relaxing on his back porch located in a rural area not far from Cranberry, observed something unusual in the sky. He noticed a very large luminous object moving steadily from the south to the northeast.

The man thought at first that it was a satellite, but then realized that the object was much too large and was much lower in altitude than a satellite would travel. The man yelled for his wife who came out and observed the object as well. The object was described as an oval shaped object that looked like, “a glowing football.” The object was glowing white, made no sound, and no lights were observed on it.

The object moved at a steady fast speed but not like that of a meteor. As the two observers continued to watch the object as it moved off in the distance it suddenly “Blinked out” and vanished. The observation lasted about 2 minutes.