Apr 24 2015

Light from Object Engulfs Car-April 17, 2015-Westmoreland County, PA

Light from Object Engulfs Car

April 17, 2015-Westmoreland County, PA

The following incident occurred off of Route 136 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania at a rural location not far from West Newton. The incident is believed to have occurred on April 17, 2015. It was between 10:30 and 11 PM that evening, when two people heard some engine noises down the road from where they lived. They got into their vehicle and proceeded down the road to see if someone was trespassing on their property.

They pulled off the country road and shut off their car to listen for any voices or engine sounds. They were sitting there for a short time when they both noticed a bright white light in the distance that was moving in their direction. As they continued to watch, the light began to make a circular pattern in the sky. The object then approached closer to their location and hovered over some trees.

What they saw was a large solid round white light that didn’t blink. They at first thought it might be a helicopter, but this object became stationary and made no sound. The fellow in the vehicle wanted to get out and walk closer to the object to get a better look at it but was advised not to leave the car.

As they sat there staring at the light, they suddenly became surrounded in a dim white light emitting from the object. The witnesses were hesitant to call it a beam, but it lit up the car and the immediate area. One witness said it was similar to the light you might see in a dimly lit living room area.

The two people in the car heard no sound and did not experience any odd effects while they were engulfed in the light. Soon after the light came on the driver started the car and quickly left the area. That person told me of having been frightened during the incident.