Jun 06 2015

UFO Activity Reported Saturday Evening in Pennsylvania-May 30, 2015

UFO Activity Reported Saturday Evening in Pennsylvania-May 30, 2015

Witnesses near Monessen, PA reported seeing a series of odd lights in the sky at about 10:45 PM on May 30, 2015. A total of six bright orange lights were observed moving from the direction of North Charleroi and moving towards Monessen and the area of the Monongahela River. The lights were seen moving one after the other and seemed to be about a ½ mile apart as they crossed the sky. The bright objects made no sound while being observed.

At about 11 PM, two observers outside of Mount Pleasant observed something unusual  high in altitude in the night sky.  They first saw a bright white light moving fast across the sky. From the object they saw what was described as red-orange laser light beams that extended out across the sky.  A short time later the light beams went out. At the end sections of where the beams had been, they saw a white blinking light appear for a short time.

The blinking lights then began to shoot across the sky in various directions. The main white object moved toward a cloud and blinked out and was gone. Then moments later, a second bright white light approached from the opposite direction. It was at a much higher altitude than the first light. As the fellows watched, the same odd light activity began to take place as had occurred with the first object. Total observation time was about 2 minutes.

If you saw anything that evening please contact me.