Aug 11 2015

Some UFOs Being Reported Likely Drones



Some UFOs Being Reported Likely Drones

For the last couple of years, and in more recent weeks, some UFO sighting reports from around Pennsylvania (and likely other sections of the country) might be explained as observations of drones. These devices are being used at various levels, with a huge interest from civilian hobbyists. One can order various multicopters or quadcopters online or walk into most any local hobby store where many models are available.

These remote controlled drones come in many shapes and sizes. Many are equipped with bright colored LEDs which are easily visible in the dark. The devices, depending on their distance from the observer, generally have an engine or propeller sound associated with them. Some of these devices have the capability to reach a relativity high altitude and can be a navigational hazard to aircraft. They are very maneuverable and can make sudden turns and change of direction.

I am hearing many reports of people flying these drones and I have no doubt that some UFO reports may be explained as observations of these devices.

The following are various photos of what a personnal quadcopter will look like.













































(all photos copyright 2014 Stan Gordon)