Dec 03 2015

Pennsylvania Couple Observe Transparent Creature –November 23, 2015

Pennsylvania Couple Observe Transparent Creature –November 23, 2015

Ligonier Valley, Pa

A husband and wife taking a scenic drive through the Ligonier valley saw something very strange and unexpected on the afternoon of November 23, 2015. At about 2 PM, they were traveling on a rural road about 2 miles from Ligonier.

The driver of the car noticed some movement in some bushes on the right side of the road. Suddenly an animal exited the bushes and began to trot from right to left in front of the vehicle. The driver stopped about 10-20 feet from the animal to obtain a better look. The couple was startled by what they were seeing.

This was no ordinary animal, as they could see the outline of the shape of the animal, but it was not solid and there was no color or fur observed. The husband as soon as he saw the creature thought that it was somewhat like a fox but could not be sure since no physical features could be seen. His wife also agreed that it was a four legged creature similar to a fox. The body of the animal was estimated to be about eighteen inches to twenty four inches long and had a tail that was about ¼ or ½ the length of the body. The animal was a lot smaller than a deer.

The husband told me that the creature had a “smoky veil shape.” His wife, however, got a better and longer look at the animal as it entered the road and trotted in front of the car. She told me that she could “see through it,” and that there was a specific area within the body shape that was like an energy pattern. “It was like a smoky heatwave.”

They watched as the animal continued to cross the road and entered some brush on the left side of the road and was not seen again. The couple didn’t hear any sound or notice any smell during the 4-5 second observation.

Addendum: This general area has a long history of reports of UFO sightings and various cryptid encounters.