Oct 02 2016

October 2, 2016-An Update of Some 2016 PA UFO and Cryptid Reports:

October 2, 2016-An Update of Some 2016 PA UFO and Cryptid Reports:

There have been many UFO and cryptid incidents reported from across Pennsylvania since the start of 2016. Since March, there has been a surge unusual incidents being reported from many locations in the state, but much of the activity has been in the southwest region. I have been in touch with other researchers who are also hearing reports of such incidents as well.

The following is a synopsis of some of the reports that I have received, and some cases are still under investigation.

March 27, 2016-A very large cat-like creature reported near Lower Burrell, PA. (Westmoreland County)

A witness reported seeing a large cat-like animal in a rural area outside of Lower Burrell. The entire body was dark in color and the length of the animal including the tail was about 7 feet long. The ears of the animal were described as pointed and stood straight up. (A few years ago, another witness reported seeing two Black panthers together in a field in the same general area.)


April 17, 2016-Bigfoot walks near car outside of West Newton, PA. (Westmoreland County)


May 1, 2016- Bigfoot Observed in Butler County.

During the afternoon, a witness watched a tall creature covered with reddish hair and a brown spot on its back section. The creature had its back toward the road and turned its shoulders and head toward the right side.

May 10, 2016-Bigfoot Touches Car in Fayette County, PA.


Mid-May 2016-Bigfoot Observed near Harrison City, PA (Westmoreland County)

An 8-9 feet tall creature covered with black hair was observed among trees on a rural road.

Mid-May 2016-Odd Field Formations in Derry Township. (Westmoreland County)

Reports received of unusual field formations being observed in fields in rural Derry Township. It is possible that these formations could be weather related.

June 10, 2016-Robinson Township-Teardrop Shaped Object (Allegheny County)

During the evening, a white-purple colored teardrop shaped object was observed in a suburb of Pittsburgh. The object would be observed in a section of the sky then suddenly within seconds appear in another location across the sky. The object appeared to be very large and gave the impression that it may not have been a solid form.

June 11, 2016-Formation of Objects near Jeanette. (Westmoreland County)

Several people between Greensburg and Jeanette observed a series of strange lights just after 10 PM. The orange objects looked similar to meteors with no tails and were slow moving. During the observation, one of the objects broke apart and separated into two similar devices which moved across the sky in different direction. Witnesses also saw what looked like molten metal at times falling from the objects.

June 11, 2016-Allentown, PA (Lehigh County)-Orange Dots Observed

Around 11:45 PM, witnesses observed three silent orange objects moving steadily across the sky. They formed into a triangular pattern and disappeared one at a time.

June 14, 2016-Ring of lights over the Laurel Ridge (Westmoreland County)

Witnesses observed towards the Laurel Ridge outside of Ligonier, an oval ring of lights. The formation appeared to be moving slowly across the sky and at times moving up and downward.

June 16, 2016-Leechburg, PA (Armstrong County) Ten Objects In The Sky

Witnesses reported up to 10 objects in the sky that were blinking orange then white in color. The objects were disappearing into the clouds and were erratic in motion. During the observation, two of the objects joined together then separated and moved away in different directions.

 June 24, 2016-Near Harrisburg (Dauphin County) Sky Sounds?

There was a report of strange “Trumpet” sounds reportedly heard coming from the sky around the area.

July 3, 2016-Monessen-(Westmoreland County)-2:30 AM-Object moving E-W-red light-round opening in it. It stopped looked like molten orange metal falling from it. It moved off towards the west. (This could possibly be material falling from disintegrating sky lantern type devices.)

7-29-16-12:40 AM-Bigfoot near Acme, PA. (Westmoreland County)

Acme, PA-A man was in the kitchen during the early morning hours and was looking out a window. He caught something out of the corner of his eye by the  trees and woods didn’t pay much attention as he thought it was a deer.  He reportedly saw a creature walking about 40 feet away from house. It was illuminated from the side by an outside spotlight. The creature was about 5-6 feet tall. The hair in the outside lighting looked to be blonde or tan (but could have been lighter he stated.)  The hair over the body looked to be about 3-4 inches long but not matted.

7-29-19-Between Greensburg and Delmont. Strange Animal sighting-(Westmoreland County)

At about 10:40 AM-On Route 66 between Greensburg and Delmont heading north, a driver saw the head of animal coming out of brush. Animal crossed road right to left about 50-100 feet away. He approached and slowed down. Animal turned head and looked at him then went straight and ran up embankment on the right of the road. He got about 50 feet away at closest point.

Dog-like animal, about 3-4 feet long running low to the ground. Body color of a deer, tail was black and long similar to a cat but not bushy. Tail about 1 ½ feet long. Very muscular looking in the shoulders, looked healthy. The head was like a dog, with very pointed nose (long snout.) Ears were pointed and stood up. Could not see facial features. Observation about 5-8 seconds.

7-30-16 McMurray, Washington County-UFOs over Area

Two friends were outside in field about 11:50 PM, when one happened to look up in sky. They observed two green objects described as portals. One was positioned horizontal the other one was positioned in a diagonal position below. Suddenly in the sky appeared a solid looking metallic bullet shaped object that appeared to jump through the two green lights and seconds later all of the objects just disappeared.

8-5-16-AcmePossible Bigfoot-(Westmoreland County)-11 AM-Possible Witness in a vehicle saw something in fog going into woods. It was dark color, walking upright, estimated about 7 feet tall, was able to see the head, shoulders and upper body.

8-9 and 8-10, 2016-Hunker,PA-(Westmoreland County)-Mystery Boom?

Report that a large boom shook homes in the area on two consecutive days. The loud blast sounded like it was coming from the sky.

8-16-Reports from Laurel ridge and Armstrong County of loud screams and howls.

8-21-16-North Huntingdon (Westmoreland County)Two Lights Join In sky

At about 11:15 PM-Two objects SSW sky with many colored lights including orange and yellow moving around on them. At one point one object moved away from other object then rejoined the second one. Later both object moved across horizon together and went out of sight.

 8-22-16-Uniontown-(Fayette County)-4 Objects Reported

 At dusk, four objects in sky at dusk. One went straight up in sky, one appeared low overhead. Video tape being studied.

9-3-16-Mount Pleasant-Morning disc moving slow through the sky. It appeared to be solid and chrome and moving very slow.

9-4-16-Lower Burrell-(Westmoreland County)-Large Cat-like tracks found

A series of what appear to be 4 inch cat tracks were discovered in a rural area near Lower Burrell. Photos and casts were taken of the tracks. There has been a history of possible black panther sightings in this area.

9-12-16-Ohio-UFOs and Military Jet sounds-1:45 PM-Witness saw dark rectangular spot in cloud. Soon after, a semi-circular shape that looked gray and metallic was observed. It appeared to be casting a shadow on the cloud. Man went down the road it was gone. 20 minutes later he heard sound of a military jet in the area. (I had the opportunity to meet with this witness in person. Even though this case occurred in Ohio, I thought it was of interest due to the next report just a few days later.)

9-15-16-Mount Pleasant-(Westmoreland County)-Silver Disc and Military Jets

During the morning a silver disc was seen moving slow towards the southeast. About 20 seconds after the object left the area what appeared to be five military jets approached and circled around the area.

9-19/20-16-Connellsville-(Westmoreland County) Loud chattering monkey-like sounds-and other loud screams reported. (Reports from other areas of strange monkey-like chatter has also being reported.)

9-20-16-Jefferson Boro-(Allegheny County-Mystery Boom reportedly shook homes around Pleasant Hills and Jefferson Boro.

Addendum: The previous incidents are among numerous other cases that have been reported. There have been other cryptid (strange creature incidents also reported such as thunderbirds.) Some of the cases I am looking into would fall into the “High Strangeness Category.” If you have seen anything unusual in Pennsylvania, please contact me via email at: paufo@comcast.net.