May 17 2017

Cryptid Encounters Continue in Pennsylvania During 2017

Cryptid Encounters Continue in Pennsylvania During 2017

 Strange Screaming Sounds Reported

 In January, strange screams were reported from the Derry side of the Chestnut Ridge as well as from a heavily wooded area of Schykill County. The sounds reported were both very similar in that they were high pitched and siren-like, and they continued on for a prolonged period.

I have been receiving reports of some Bigfoot encounters that have reportedly taken place in Southwestern Pennsylvania this year. I am trying to obtain more details on these possible encounters. I am also receiving other unreported encounters with some odd creatures that have taken place in recent years.

 Strange Animal reported Near Latrobe, PA

In February of 2017, two people were driving down a rural road near Latrobe, PA when a unusual animal was noticed ahead of them. The incident occurred around 2 AM and the observers had a good look at the mystery animal as it moved through a field. Whatever it was it looked to be about the size of a deer and had the build of a greyhound dog. The animal stood about 4 feet tall, was dark brown in color and was thin and graceful in its movement. The creature had no tail but had a long pointy snout. (Note) In the last couple of years I have been receiving other reports of strange dog-like creatures as well.)

 Black Panther Sighting in Crawford County, PA?

In late April of 2017, a witness in a rural area of Crawford County, Pennsylvania observed a strange animal near her pond. The animal had a furry body that looked “as black as black could be.” At that distance, the animal appeared to have a body about three feet long, and the tail length was about the same. The tail hung straight back and curved up at the end. The witness felt that what she saw was a panther.

If you have seen anything unusual in Pennsylvania please contact me at: paufo@comcast.net.