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Astonishing Encounters

Astonishing Encounters

Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures
Casebook Three

Stan Gordon opens his research files and shares some of his cases of encounters with strange beings and creatures that aren’t supposed to exist—even in our worst nightmares. Pennsylvania UFO and Cryptid researcher Stan Gordon takes you on a journey into the shadowy world of these elusive life forms, some of which can only be described as monsters. Read about creatures such as Bigfoot, gigantic birds with massive wingspans, out of place black panthers and other even weirder creatures. Are there strange water beasts lurking in the lakes and rivers of Pennsylvania? Some of the incidents you will read about will make you wonder if some of the creatures reported are more than just flesh and blood in nature.

Some of the accounts you will ponder over include:

  • A Very Strange and Close Bigfoot Encounter
  • Out of Focus Bigfoot in Cambria County
  • Giant Bigfoot Eight Feet From Witness
  • The Mysterious Back Porch Prowler
  • The Flying Behemoth Near Delmont
  • Was Bessie Napping On Presque Isle Beach?
  • The Case of the Materializing Black Panther
  • The Fayette County Dragon
  • The Winged Humanoid of Butler County
  • Gliding Alien Reported in Pennsylvania
  • The Washington County UFO and the Slug-Like Creature

Paperback, 144pp, 5″×8″

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