Oct 02 2017

Mini-UFO Hovers Near Window-Ligonier PA area- September 20, 2017

Mini-UFO Hovers Near Window-Ligonier PA area

This incident occurred on September 20, 2017, in a rural location in the Ligonier area, not far from the Chestnut Ridge. The witness was in bed when she noticed a light outside the window during the early morning hours. There were no lights in that area of the property. She got up and went to the window. Suspended in the air was an illuminated object about 6-7 feet from the window, and about 8-9 feet above the ground. The object was hovering and moved around a little from left to right.

The object was small and about the diameter of a silver dollar. The color of the object was described as yellowish and pale green. The light was steady, but did not glow brightly. It did not emit any light that reflected on the surrounding area. The object was not completely round, but appeared as a flattened circle and more egg shaped. On the left side there was a small section missing (a dark spot) kind of like a wedge of a pie where no light was emitted from. No sound was heard.

Oct 02 2017

Some Photos from the First Annual Mind-Body-Spirit Healing EXPO 2017 Monroeville, PA

Some Photos from the First Annual Mind-Body-Spirit Healing EXPO 2017

Monroeville, PA 

Stan was on a panel discussion with George Noory, Victor Paruta, Dr. Linda Backman, and Sandra Anne Taylor.

Stan was on a panel discussion with George Noory, Victor Paruta, Dr. Linda Backman, and Sandra Anne Taylor.



Stan with George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast radio

Stan with George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast radio


Stan with Movie Star and Author, Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman.)

Stan with Movie Star and Author, Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman.)








Sep 14 2017

Scenes from the 2017 CRYPTIDCON-Frankfort, Kentucky

Scenes from the 2017 CRYPTIDCON-Frankfort, Kentucky

Stan was one of the speakers at the first Cryptidcon Conference held in Kentucky. It was a great event where many well-known investigators of strange creatures and other phenomena, as well as the public had a chance to meet and talk about these strange ongoing incidents.

I had the chance to meet with some of these nice folks including two members of the cast from the TV show “Finding Bigfoot.” In the photo: (left) James “Bobo” Fay, with Stan (center) and Cliff Barackman.






Stan and famous Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman had a chance to meet again









On Sunday afternoon an interactive panel discussion was held for the attendees. Photo: From left to right, Loren Coleman, Stan Gordon, Seth Breedlove, and Lyle Blackburn.










Stan finally had a chance to meet Bigfoot!







Aug 30 2017

Police Officer Encounters Strange Creature with Glowing Head in Pennsylvania- Late August, 2017

Police Officer Encounters Strange Creature with Glowing Head in Pennsylvania- Late August, 2017

From Researcher: Stan Gordon


sketch of creature used with the permission witness

Sketch Used With Permission of the Witness


On an evening in late August, 2017, a police officer riding down a road in a wooded location in a southwestern section of Westmoreland County, PA saw something that startled him. Ahead of him on the side of the road, the officer observed what appeared to be a ball of very dull white light low to the ground. He was familiar with the area and had never noticed any type of lighting in that location. As he moved closer and was about 50 yards from the round light, it suddenly rose up or stood up from the ground.

It was then that the witness observed something that he couldn’t process. The officer told me, “it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.” The ball of light was actually the head of a very strange being that looked to be about 6 feet tall or larger. It was tall and almost skeleton thin. The officer was of the opinion that the creature when he first observed it, had been lying on its belly on the ground with its head facing toward the road. It then stood up facing the road. In that dark location, he saw the dull light from the glowing head illuminating the upper section of the body of the creature.

While the officer watched, the creature turned toward the right. The dull illumination from the head lit up the shoulder area. The creature then turned and faced him, then turned to the left and took off at an incredible speed away towards a location away from the road. As it moved off, the witness could see its arms swinging. The officer indicated that it took off at a speed that you could only call abnormal. “it was faster than anything I have ever seen. It was there, then it was gone.”  The witness assumed that the creature moved on two legs, however, he could not see the lower sections of the body in the dark.

The witness described what he saw as standing 6 feet or taller. The head was about 8-10 inches in diameter and shaped like a ball. He said the head was just a ball of light, possibly egg shaped but pretty round. The light emitted seemed to be just a dull white. The light illuminated the shoulders, the top of the chest and a section of the arms. The witness could not see the hands. The chest looked to be about 18 inches across. The waist appeared to be small, but the arms were abnormally long. The long limbs also looked skeletal with no muscle mass. The skin tone of the body appeared to be dull grayish-blue. The witness could not see any facial features.

The entire experience only lasted about 10 seconds. The officer was confused as to what he saw and about what could move so fast. He pulled up his vehicle to the location where the creature and been standing and turned on his vehicle spotlight. He looked around the area but saw no evidence on the ground. The officer, after the experience, continued to try to make sense out of what he had encountered but he could not figure it out.  I was contacted soon after the incident and we later discussed the incident in detail.

Notes: While this is a very strange report, many very odd creature encounters have been reported for years from Pennsylvania and all across the country. There have been other reports somewhat similar, and there have been other cases reported where the creature involved had a glowing effect in the dark.

During the many years that I have been investigating such cases in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to interview state troopers and municipal police officers who also reported some very strange encounters. In most cases, they talked with me confidentially about what had taken place.
















Aug 30 2017

Photo of some of the Cast and Crew of ” A Wish For Giants” with Stan at the Levity Bigfoot Festival

 Photo of some of the Cast and Crew of ” A Wish For Giants” with Stan at the Levity Bigfoot Festival


The 2nd Annual Knock & Howl Bigfoot Festival was held at the Levity Brewing Company on August 26, 2017, in Indiana, PA. There was a great crowd and the audience was very interested in the Bigfoot subject. Indiana County has a long history of Bigfoot encounters. Some members of the cast and crew of the upcoming movie “A Wish for Giants” took a group photo at the event. The film will be released in February of 2018.

Aug 27 2017

Huge Fireball Reported Over Pennsylvania-August 25, 2017

Huge Fireball Reported Over Pennsylvania-August 25, 2017

What appears to have been an extra bright fireball meteor (bolide) was reported from Westmoreland County, Pa on August 25, 2017 at about 9:12 PM. There were apparently many residents that observed the object from communities from across the county. The object was observed moving from the southeast to northwest and described as bright white-orange fireball with a long blue-green trail. No sound was reported from those I talked with and the object was observed for about 5 seconds.

The American Meteor Society is reporting widespread sightings of the object from 10 states. They also have reports from the counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Indiana, and Fayette and from many other parts of the state. If you saw the fireball from the Greater Pittsburgh area, please let me know what you observed and from what location. I can be contacted at paufo@comcast.net or 724-838-7768.

Aug 21 2017

January 10, 2017- Flying Humanoid Reported in Kentucky/Ohio Area

January 10, 2017- Flying Humanoid Reported in Kentucky/Ohio Area

Lon Strickler at the Phantoms & Monsters website, http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/ has been keeping the public updated on the recent wave of winged humanoid sightings around Chicago. While I focus on the ongoing anomalies in Pennsylvania, I commonly receive other crypitd reports from across the country. Earlier this year I interviewed a witness who had a strange encounter in the Kentucky/Ohio area.

The witness was driving east bound on Route 52 on a desolate area of road, about a ¼ mile from the Ohio River. It is my understanding this took place around the Ohio/Kentucky border in the vicinity of Ashland, Kentucky.

That evening there was a cold, misty rain occurring with few cars on the road. Suddenly only about 35-40 feet off the ground, the driver observed a silhouette in the approaching traffic lights and then from the headlights of his vehicle what appeared to be a large humanoid creature with huge wingspan. The witness described the humanoid body as about 5 to 5½ feet long. The skin color was dark tan, not black or brown. The wings of the creature were estimated to have a wingspan of 12-15 feet and no feathers were observed on the body only what appeared to be skin.

The witness only observed the creature for several seconds as it approached him and passed overhead. The man stated that he never saw the wings flap, and that the wings were spread out. He did notice that the joints of the wings were very pronounced, that the legs were held together and held back, and that the arms were held along the side of the body and extended to around the thighs. The witness heard no sound during the few seconds that he observed the winged creature.


Aug 12 2017

Mystery Oversized Moth-like Creature Reported in Pennsylvania

Mystery Oversized Moth-like Creature Reported in Pennsylvania

From Stan Gordon

sketch used with permission of the observers

sketch used with permission of the observers

During 2017, there have been a variety of cryptid reports from across Pennsylvania. Among those incidents that have reportedly occurred were encounters with Bigfoot, black panthers, thunderbirds, and other odd creatures.

The areas around the Allegheny National Forest located in the Northwestern part of Pennsylvania, has had a long history of reports of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other mysterious events. On July 8, 2017, a couple who lives near the forest area encountered something that has them baffled. It was about 9 a.m. that day when the wife went outside to the deck located on the back of their country home. On a post the woman noticed what looked to be an oversized moth that was resting on a 6×6 vertical post.

The moth looked to be about 11 inches long and about 5½ inches wide in the area that was described as the shoulders. The overall shape gave the impression of looking like an hour glass figure. They also noticed that there were either two antennas or pointed ears located around the top of the head area that appeared to be about one inch in length. The head appeared to be tucked inside the body while it was resting. The observers estimated that the wingspan would have been around 15 inches when open.

The wife called her husband out to also observer the creature. The wife thought that the creature was beautiful, and that the color was a pale green iridescent on the outer part of the wings and a cream color skin texture in the middle. The man said he was amazed at what he saw and had never seen anything like it before. They said the best way to described it was “like an overgrown moth.”

They continued to watch the winged creature that appeared to be sleeping. His wife then touched the creature which she said felt smooth. The wings actually felt skin-like, not like feathers or fuzz. The witnesses could not see through the wings. The creature did not move when touched. The woman also noticed that there was no powdery material on her hands that you generally get from coming in contact with the wings of a moth.

The couple had to leave the house for a while. Before they left however his wife went into the house to get a camera to take a picture of the strange winged visitor. The woman stood about a foot away from the creature and turned on the power switch but the camera would not turn on. The camera had always worked well so they replaced the batteries. The camera still it would not turn on. The next day they tried the camera again and it powered up as normal and worked fine.

When the couple was walking to their car they noticed a second similar winged creature resting on the outside wall of their home about 10 feet off the ground. When they returned home a while later, both of the creatures had gone.

The couple has provided a sketch of what they saw. The sketch shows back of the wings and the red area behind it is the 6×6 vertical post that the creature was resting on vertically.

Addendum: It may just be a coincidence that the camera malfunctioned when the woman attempted to photograph the odd looking winged creature. Many years ago I began to notice some cases where photographic equipment malfunctioned when a person attempted to take a picture of a UFO or other phenomena. In more recent years this has been reported in some significant UFO encounters in the state. This phenomena has also been reported by others involved in various paranormal research as well.










Aug 01 2017

A Wish For Giants- Movie Trailer To Premier at the 5th Annual Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania Conference

A Wish For Giants- Movie Trailer To Premier at the 5th Annual Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania Conference in Johnstown, PA.

Announcing The Premiere Showing of the trailer for the Upcoming Film- A Wish For Giants

A family oriented movie that was filmed in Pennsylvania. The story is based on the novel by Kittanning author Aaron Dunbar, about a young girl with a life threatening illness. Her special wish is to find Bigfoot. Stan will have a small role in the film. The trailer will be shown during the 5th Annual Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania conference on August 5, 2017 in Johnstown, PA. Author and Producer Aaron Dunbar will be attending the event. http://www.awishforgiants.com/

Where: 5th Annual Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania Conference

August 5, 2017-9:00 AM-8 PM

East Taylor Fire Hall, 403 Donruth Lane, Johnstown, PA

Information: 814-241-6123 or 814-254-514

Jul 20 2017

Did You See Anything Strange in the sky during the 2017 Westmoreland County (PA) Air Show?

Did You See Anything Strange in the sky during the 2017 Westmoreland County (PA) Air Show?

From Researcher: Stan Gordon

Screen capture from video used with permission of the witness

Screen capture from video used with permission of the witness

The fantastic 2017 Westmoreland County (PA) Air Show took place on June 24-25th at the Arnold Palmer Airport located in Latrobe. A few days later, I was contacted and shown a short video taken on Sunday afternoon during the airshow when the Blue Angels were doing their amazing demonstration. The witness had gone to the area to see the performance of the F-18 Hornets and was positioned near Whitney, just a short distance from the airport.

The witness video taped the F-18 demonstration and later went home to review what he had recorded. He recalled that four of the Blue Angels had flown over his head and he followed them until they went out of sight. He then focused on a single F-18 moving in the opposite direction. As he watched the video,

Something odd appeared that he did not see when he was recording the event. A short segment of the video footage shows a dark object in the vicinity of the single aircraft.

The device used to take the video was a trac phone with low resolution. The video and photo still captures from it were examined by researcher Jim Brown who has had a lot of experience working with photo analysis of other alleged UFO and Paranormal photos and videos.  http://www.jimsdestinations.com/

As determined in Jim’s report, the most likely explanation is that the object is some type of balloon. It is my understanding however that the airspace around the airport was restricted during the time that the airshow was active, and no aircraft or other devices should have been in the vicinity.

I would be interested to know if anyone else attending the airshow observed, photographed, or video taped anything unusual in the area that weekend. I can be contacted at 724-838-7768 or via email at: paufo@comcast.net.

photo enhancments of object from Jim Brown analysis. Used with permission of witness and Jim Brown

Photo enhancements of object from Jim Brown analysis. Used with permission of witness and Jim Brown

The following is Jim Brown’s Report:

Analysis of Video of Unknown Airshow Object


The video was received as an MP4. It shows a plane passing in front of a

cloud. Near the plane is an unknown object that appears to fade into the

cloud as the plane passes. The object does not change position relative to

the cloud while the image follows the plane across the cloud.  Resolution

is low; no definitive detail can be observed in the original video clip.


A camera anomaly (dead pixels, etc.) can be ruled out since the object

follows the cloud as the camera is shifted.  This also applies to lens

flare as the object remains stationary with respect to the background even

as the camera pans across the cloud.


In an attempt to resolve detail I first applied an enlargement to three

screen (frame) captures.  This was done using the Weimer method to

minimize pixelization.  The detail appears to shift slightly, the first

image shows a darker area at the bottom of the object while later images

lose this effect becoming more uniform in nature.  Since resolution is low

this effect may be due to relative position of the object as it hits each

frame.  MP4 Compression of the image may account for the effect adjacent

pixels have on the image.


The triangular effect seen in the first screen capture is a result of the

low resolution.  This is common when pixels are triggered by surrounding

ones.  One can also see this effect when viewing the video and noting how

the object appears to change shape from frame to frame as it approaches

those adjacent pixels.


I also did a multi-frame overlay using a pixel weight scan in an attempt

to compensate for the low resolution issue.  The numeric value of each

pixel in the field containing the object was overlaid and averaged.  Nine

frames were used in this operation.  The result indicated a pattern that

would apply to a spherical shape, although no detail was resolved.  The

lower center of the sphere appears darker than the upper portion by 30%.

This would match what would expected based on an object in that position

illuminated by overhead sunlight. Coloration was neutral; the object appears to

be very dark or black based on pixel weighted values.


Conclusions based solely on the visual appearances in the video are

speculative at best.  The pattern matches what would be expected if the

object was a small balloon, although due to the airshow in progress

airspace was restricted.  Whether this is a possibility would need to be

verified by air traffic control at the show.


Jim Brown

Independent Research Associate



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