Special Reports

Detailed reports of strange and unusual events, important, breaking news and other information that rates more than a simple update.

2011 Pennsylvania Report

Strange Creatures & UFOs Descend on Pennsylvania During 2011 (Mysterious Events reported from 48 Counties in the Commonwealth) From Stan Gordon: www.stangordon.info The year 2011 was another active time period for Pennsylvania residents to report strange observations and encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and other strange creatures, and various other mysterious events. I have been keeping …

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Fayette Country Dragon

Three Mysterious Creature Encounters Reported From Pennsylvania

Three Mysterious Creature Encounters Reported From Pennsylvania From Researcher: Stan Gordon www.stangordon.info/wp Three very interesting encounters with some very unusual creatures have come to my attention recently from Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has a long history of not only observations of Bigfoot, but also of many other mysterious beasts as well. Year after year members …

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