Apr 24 2015

Huge Flying Box Observed in Pennsylvania Over The Allegheny River-April 21, 2015

Huge Flying Box Observed in Pennsylvania Over The Allegheny River-April 21, 2015

Two people traveling in their vehicle observed something very strange on the morning of April 21, 2015. The couple was traveling between Parker and East Brady around 10:30 or 11 AM, when they saw a flash of light in the sky. The viewing conditions were partly cloudy, with some dark thick clouds scattered about in many parts of the sky. The flash was apparently the sun reflecting for a moment off the surface of a very large solid object.  The couple pulled their car over to take a better look. The strange flying thing appeared to be in the distance over the Allegheny River.

The object was positioned near a large dark cloud and was described as similar to a” flying box”. The rectangular object looked solid black and seemed to have 4 rows of windows or indentations on its surface. One witness said the object was huge and he estimated that it was 7500-10,000 feet in altitude.

As the couple watched, the small building sized craft slowly moved inside a large dark cloud. The man in the car grabbed a camera and had it focused to take a picture of the object when it exited the cloud that it had entered. They waited 45 minutes but the object was never seen again. They couldn’t understand how something that large could have been lost from sight.


Apr 24 2015

Light from Object Engulfs Car-April 17, 2015-Westmoreland County, PA

Light from Object Engulfs Car

April 17, 2015-Westmoreland County, PA

The following incident occurred off of Route 136 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania at a rural location not far from West Newton. The incident is believed to have occurred on April 17, 2015. It was between 10:30 and 11 PM that evening, when two people heard some engine noises down the road from where they lived. They got into their vehicle and proceeded down the road to see if someone was trespassing on their property.

They pulled off the country road and shut off their car to listen for any voices or engine sounds. They were sitting there for a short time when they both noticed a bright white light in the distance that was moving in their direction. As they continued to watch, the light began to make a circular pattern in the sky. The object then approached closer to their location and hovered over some trees.

What they saw was a large solid round white light that didn’t blink. They at first thought it might be a helicopter, but this object became stationary and made no sound. The fellow in the vehicle wanted to get out and walk closer to the object to get a better look at it but was advised not to leave the car.

As they sat there staring at the light, they suddenly became surrounded in a dim white light emitting from the object. The witnesses were hesitant to call it a beam, but it lit up the car and the immediate area. One witness said it was similar to the light you might see in a dimly lit living room area.

The two people in the car heard no sound and did not experience any odd effects while they were engulfed in the light. Soon after the light came on the driver started the car and quickly left the area. That person told me of having been frightened during the incident.

Apr 20 2015

First Annual Fayette County, PA UFO, Bigfoot, & Paranormal EXPO-October 17, 2015-Connellsville, PA

Apr 14 2015

August 22, 2015-Local Unexplained Phenomena Conference-Johnstown, PA

Mar 18 2015

Mystery Boom and other Odd Activity Reported from Fayette County, PA-March 16, 2015

Mystery Boom and other Odd Activity Reported from Fayette County, PA-March 16, 2015

Various sources have received information concerning some odd events which reportedly occurred during the late evening of March 16, 2015, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. First a large boom was reportedly heard and felt and shook houses in Connellsville, South Connellsville, Dawson, Everson and the Uniontown area.

Then strange lights reportedly appeared in the sky. This was followed by the appearance of numerous helicopters, some possibly military in the area as well. The next evening there was reportedly more helicopter activity around the area as well.

If you were a witness to any of this activity or anything else unusual on March 16-17, 2015, in this area please contact me via e-mail at: paufo@comcast.net or 724-838-7768.



Feb 17 2015

Brilliant Fireball Meteor Lights up Early Morning Sky over Pennsylvania-February 17, 2015


Brilliant Fireball Meteor Lights up Early Morning Sky over Pennsylvania-February 17, 2015

At about 4:50 AM, numerous residents observed a brilliant fireball meteor moving across the sky over  sections of Pennsylvania and other states. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received reported sightings from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and New York. http://www.amsmeteors.org/2015/02/early-morning-pittsburgh-fireball/

Some observers in the Pittsburgh area according to the AMS heard an accompanying boom along with the observation of the meteor. One report I received from the Altoona area in Blair County, described a blue fireball that lit up the area as it passed over.

The fireball and the luminous flash where darkness was turned to daylight for seconds as the meteor passed over, were recorded on the Accucam Webcam Network: http://TinyURL.com/AccuCams. Thanks to Ron Shawley and Accuweather Meteorologist Jesse Ferrell for their input and permissions.

Note: This video also shows light pillars, an atmospheric phenomena recorded in Pennsylvania.


I am recording Greensburg-Pittsburgh area observations of this meteor event so please
contact me with details of what you saw. I can be reached at 724-838-7768
or paufo@comcast.net.
Make your official meteor observation report to:



Feb 08 2015

Glowing Football Observed in the Sky from Butler County, Pennsylvania-February 6, 2015


Glowing Football Observed In the Sky from Butler County, Pennsylvania-February 6, 2015

It was late afternoon on February 6, 2015, when a man relaxing on his back porch located in a rural area not far from Cranberry, observed something unusual in the sky. He noticed a very large luminous object moving steadily from the south to the northeast.

The man thought at first that it was a satellite, but then realized that the object was much too large and was much lower in altitude than a satellite would travel. The man yelled for his wife who came out and observed the object as well. The object was described as an oval shaped object that looked like, “a glowing football.” The object was glowing white, made no sound, and no lights were observed on it.

The object moved at a steady fast speed but not like that of a meteor. As the two observers continued to watch the object as it moved off in the distance it suddenly “Blinked out” and vanished. The observation lasted about 2 minutes.


Feb 06 2015

Kecksburg V.F.D. UFO Festival July 24-26, 2015 Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Kecksburg, PA UFO-Crash landing incident.

Kecksburg V.F.D. UFO Festival July 24-26, 2015

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Kecksburg, PA UFO-Crash landing incident.

Remember to mark these dates on your calendar.

Come join us for this special weekend festival. Many new changes are being planned for this upcoming family event. The UFO Conference this year which will be held on Sunday afternoon will focus on the history of this local UFO case that has received international interest.

If you were a witness or involved in the 1965 incident, and would like to attend and take part in the Sunday afternoon event, please contact Stan Gordon at 724-838-7768 or via email at paufo@comcast.net. Keep checking back for details at this website and also at: www.kecksburgvfd.com.

The crowds start to gather at the 2014 Kecksburg UFO Festival that begins with the annual parade.

The crowds start to gather at the 2014 Kecksburg UFO Festival that begins with the annual parade.


Jan 30 2015

Mysterious Creatures, UFOs, and other Strange Incidents Reported Across Pennsylvania During 2014


Mysterious Creatures, UFOs, and other Strange Incidents Reported Across Pennsylvania During 2014

Strange encounters reported from 51 counties across the Commonwealth.

From Researcher: Stan Gordon



Daylight sightings of large cigar shaped objects, encounters with strange creatures such as Bigfoot, black panthers, mountain lions, and Thunderbirds (huge birds with massive wingspans) were among the odd incidents reported by Pennsylvania residents during 2014. Some people also reported strange footprints, fireballs moving across the sky, mysterious animal screams, mystery booms, and many types of UFO observations as well as other paranormal incidents. Numerous observers obtained photos and videos of various phenomena as well.

Crossing my desk were strange accounts from 51 counties of the commonwealth. I also received some reports from neighboring states as well. I have been taking calls from the public since 1969 on such unusual matters, and such reports continue to be called in or e-mailed to me on a regular basis.  Witnesses also report their sightings to other researchers or research organizations. I maintain contact with many researchers and UFO and Bigfoot organizations.  Some of these sources include the PA Chapter of MUFON www.mufonpa.com, Peter Davenport’s. “National UFO Reporting Center,” www.nuforc.org, the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, www.pabigfootsociety.com. And Lon Strickler at “Phantom & Monsters,” http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/.

It was in 1959 as a ten year old, that I began to keep records of mysterious events that made the news. In 1965, after the Kecksburg, PA UFO-Crash landing I began to conduct in the field investigations of UFOs and unusual animal encounters. In 1969 I began to take calls from the public who wanted to report UFO sightings or other strange incidents. In 1970 I established the first of three volunteer research groups that would investigate these mysterious events across the state for many years. Since then I have investigated thousands of oddities which continue to be reported on a regular basis. After some many years of investigation into these incidents, it might be a surprise to many that I have never personally seen a UFO or Bigfoot.

Since the time I began my on the scene investigations, I learned that while many incidents reported may initially seem quite strange and unusual, when proper investigations are conducted, many UFO sightings, strange animal observations and other paranormal events are determined to have a natural or man-made explanation. Many UFO observations are determined to be misidentifications of meteors, bright stars and planets, re-entering space debris, searchlights, launches of Chinese lanterns, or a meteorological event such as sundog. In some cases Bigfoot has been determined to be large shaggy dogs or bear, and some Thunderbirds were just observations of turkey vultures or blue herons. However not all such yearly reports of strange incidents can be so easily dismissed.

The Chestnut Ridge, which extends through Westmoreland, Fayette and Indiana Counties, has a long history of UFO and Bigfoot sightings as well as a variety of other strange incidents that have taken place, and additional incidents were reported during 2014.

The following are some of the incidents that came to my attention during that year.

On the afternoon of January 29th, two people traveling near Madison observed a cigar shaped object hovering in the sky that “looked like a cruise missile sitting still.” The silent object had no windows, propellers, or markings. In April, during the afternoon, a large solid black rectangular shaped object was observed at tree top level near Donora.

In May, two people traveling at night on a rural road near West Newton saw a tall, dark fur covered man-like creature with glowing eyes step out in front of their car. The driver had to swerve to miss hitting the creature, which stood in the roadway as the car continued on. Bigfoot activity reportedly occurred in Westmoreland, Fayette, Allegheny, Butler, and Schuykill counties.

On a beautiful afternoon in September, a man walking in a rural area of Indiana County observed a cigar shaped object going in and out of a cloud. The object was black in color and was hazy and not sharply outlined. The man was able to photograph the object. Other cigar shaped objects were reported throughout the year across the state.

Researcher Jim Brown investigated a UFO sighting which took place on September 24th, low on the eastern horizon over the Chestnut Ridge near Fairchance in Fayette County. The object was described as a huge hazy, gold-orange colored cigar shaped object. The object was observed for about ten minutes as it hovered over the ridge and then suddenly vanished from sight.

A man taking a walk near Elizabeth Boro on the evening of September 20th, watched a bright spherical object high in altitude quickly zoom across the sky from north to south. The object suddenly dropped straight down from the sky and was lost from view. It was about 15 minutes later when the man heard a loud jet engine noise and went outside to see what he believed was a military jet aircraft moving toward the area where the object was last observed.

Numerous witnesses from different locations report observing huge birds with wingspans estimated to be twelve feet or more in width. The term “Thunderbird” has been used for years to describe these giant flying creatures.  In late March near Jeanette, a man taking an afternoon walk observed what at first appeared to be a dark small aircraft in the sky, but it was gliding too fast and the wings were turned up at their ends. He realized that he was watching a huge bird with an estimated wingspan of fifteen feet.  In July, a man who was an experienced bird watcher was taking a daylight drive through a rural area of Indiana County. He noticed what looked like a small airplane but when it began to flap its wings slowly, he realized it was the biggest bird he had ever seen, and estimated that the wingspan exceeded twelve feet.

In late September on the other side of Jeanette from where a huge bird sighting was reported in July by another observer, a man walking in his back yard that afternoon had a strange experience. He heard a strange rah-rah-rah animal sound coming from above. He looked up to see moving overhead at about 200 feet, a huge flying creature. The witness said that the creature was dark black and  had leathery skin instead of feathers and looked more like a huge bat than a bird. The body of the creature from head to tail was about six feet or more in length, and the wingspan appeared to be at least twelve wide. The witness reluctantly mentioned that what he saw looked more prehistoric than a normal bird. Other similar reports came to my attention from other areas of the state.

In early November, a man was taking a walk in a rural area of Fayette County. He was looking down at a creek and noticed in the distance a very tall man-like figure. What he saw appeared to be all black and the arms slumped down to the side. The head of the figure was hitting the top of a tree branch which the witness estimated would have made it stand to be between 7 and 8 feet tall. The observation only lasted about 20 seconds. The man stated, “no way a man could be that tall.”

I have been investigating the Kecksburg, PA UFO crash-landing incident since the day it occurred in 1965. I received several new leads on the case during 2014. December 9, 2015, will mark the 50th anniversary of this UFO event.

To report a UFO or Bigfoot encounter or any strange event from Pennsylvania contact Stan at 724-838-7768 or via e-mail at paufo@comcast.net. Visit Stan’s website at: www.stangordon.info.






Jan 19 2015

Fireball Breaks Up Near Delmont, PA-January 17, 2015


Fireball Breaks Up Near Delmont, PA-January 17, 2015


On the evening of January 17, 2015, a family traveling on Route 66, about 5 miles north of Delmont, observed something in the sky that drew their attention. They noticed a bright white fireball moving fast across the sky. The fireball then broke up into two or three luminous trails. The entire observation lasted about 5 seconds and no sound was heard. If you saw this fireball, please let me know. Details suggest a meteor or possibly re-entering space debris. No major meteor event has been reported.


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