Updated: 05/18/2010


HOT OFF THE PRESS — Stan Gordon’s New Book

“Really Mysterious Pennsylvania”

Publication Date: April 2010

Stan Gordon has been researching strange occurrences in Pennsylvania since 1959. He has been involved with the investigation of thousands of mysterious events including UFO sightings, encounters with strange creatures such as Bigfoot, Black panthers, thunderbirds, as well as many other very weird events.

Gordon’s new illustrated book covers some of the unusual events that have come to his attention over the years. Included in the book are accounts of very close range encounters with mysterious creatures and Unidentified Flying Objects. Some of the fascinating cases you will read about include:

  • Huge Metallic Object Blocks Roadway
  • Did A UFO Cause A Train Derailment?
  • Was Video Of Hovering UFO Confiscated?
  • Man Stands Underneath UFO
  • Hiker Stares Down Bigfoot
  • The FBI & The Derry Township Creature
  • Police Search for Black Panther
  • Loaves of Ice from the sky

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Stan’s second new book,
Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook,
will follow soon after.

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