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Really Mysterious Pennsylvania. UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One


Sightings Archive — 2003

The following incidents were among the sightings of alleged UFOs and the Unusual reported to researcher Stan Gordon throughout Pennsylvania and neighboring states (when available). These cases have come to Stan Gordon’s attention from various sources. Many sightings that have already been identified as natural or manmade in origin are not listed. Some of these reports are still being investigated.

DATE January 7, 2003
LOCATION Middlesex Township, PA
(NUFORC)-Oval shaped object hovered about 100 feet above observer. It was moving back and forth for a few minutes then zipped out of sight.
DATE January 10, 2003
LOCATION McKean County ,PA
Witness reported seeing in an area near Allegheny national Forest a blue object in the sky that made a turn then disappeared.
DATE January 17, 2003
LOCATION Frackville, PA
(NUFORC)-Three round objects hovering overhead.
DATE January 27, 2003
LOCATION Doylestown, PA
(NUFORC)-Witness watched an object for three hours as it traveled to a spot, corrected itself, and took an east to west orbit.
DATE February 10, 2003
LOCATION Stroudsburg, PA

About 3 A.M., a couple living in a rural area heard an unusual whoop-whoop-whoop type sound, which rose up and down in intensity, and caused the house and windows to vibrate. The sound seems to move around the house and at times lasts for several hours.

This experience has occurred on several occasions, along with a variety of other oddities around the property.
DATE February 12, 2003
(NUFORC)-Daylight sighting of crescent shaped object.
DATE February 20, 2003
LOCATION Between Latrobe and Greensburg, PA
Between Latrobe and Greensburg a woman was driving home on a rural road about 6:30 P.M., when she observed a bright red light which appeared to be stopped over a field ahead of her. Approaching closer to the location, the witness could make out the bottom section of a very large square shaped object. The red light which could now be seen better, was actually on a dome shaped structure on the top of the object. The soundless object was estimated to be about 40 feet long, and appeared to be of a light gray, dull color. A bright white light was positioned at each corner of the object, and around the bottom of the object were steady white lights. The witness got to within about 200 feet of the hovering object, and was amazed when it suddenly just disappeared in front of her.
DATE March 7, 2003
(NUFORC)-V shaped lights traveling quickly from west to east.
DATE March 14, 2003
LOCATION Hollidaysburg,PA
(NUFORC)-Appeared in west, oval shaped with rotating multiple colors.
DATE March 18, 2003
LOCATION Myerstown, PA
A witness reported that at 7:55 P.M., she observed a bright white softball sized light, very low in the sky, moving from east to west.
DATE March 20, 2003
About 7:30 P.M. witness reported what appeared to be an Army helicopter following a bright single light across the sky.
DATE March 27, 2003
LOCATION Mount Pleasant, PA
A man walking a dog was startled by the sound of a rush of wind, as though something large was going up into the sky, yet nothing was observed.
DATE April 08, 2003
Witness driving down a road about 8:35 P.M. observed a 3 bright round white lights in a triangular formation moving across the sky.
DATE April 13, 2003
LOCATION Derry Township, PA
In the early evening, three witnesses observed a tall light brown colored creature walking upright, with long swinging arms. The creature took long strides as it walked into a cornfield.
DATE April 14, 2003
LOCATION Indiana County, PA
A man who was hiking and fishing had an odd experience at about 8:22 p.m., in the vicinity of Yellow Creek dam. He heard a sound as though something was moving overhead toward the west. He could feel the sound, like a whirling, and at one point he nearly ducked.

He followed the sound which he could only feel, but nothing could be seen. The witness said he expected to see something like a big meteor coming down, but observed nothing. The man stated that he has never experienced such an oddity.
DATE April 30, 2003
LOCATION Pottstown, PA
(NUFORC)-Reflective white tube flying 100 feet or so under passenger plane during daylight.
DATE May 03, 2003
(NUFORC)-Bright light hovers then shoots across sky at high speed.
DATE April or May, 2003
LOCATION Scottdale, PA
A man related to me how he and his young daughter were riding on a motor bike on a dirt road in a rural location near this community. At about 10 P.M., Their attention was drawn to a strange creature which was described as “a hairy man” that stood about 6 feet tall, and was covered in black hair. The creature had come out of the woods from their right and ran until it was about 75 feet away standing in front of the two people. The creature stopped for a few seconds and looked at the two people, than ran off into the nearby woods. The creature appeared slumped over, and it had very long arms that hung down to around the knee area. Upon seeing the strange creature, the two witnesses hurried home to tell the other family members.
DATE May 3, 2003
(NUFORC)-At about 9:40 P.M., witnesses reported fast, high-flying sphere moving across the sky.
DATE May 19, 2003
LOCATION Coraopolis, PA
At about 5 P.M., a large white rectangular object, and a second object which was flatter, were observed in the distant sky by two witnesses using binoculars. There were several helicopters reportedly hovering around the vicinity of the objects.
DATE June, 2003
In early June, several boys were outside playing during the afternoon. At about 3:30 P.M., they observed what appeared to be a green luminous object, in the shape of a heart, which was descending straight down from the sky. As the witnesses watched, a long white probe appeared from the bottom of the object. The object came to the top of the tree line and hovered a few seconds, then dropped below the tree line. In a few seconds the object rose again, then suddenly shot straight up into the sky at a very fast rate of speed and was lost from sight.
DATE June 20, 2003
LOCATION Pittsburgh
At about 4:10 P.M., the witness was crossing 40th Street Bridge (onto Rt. 28) as she was returning from work. The witness observed a rectangular object to her left at a very high altitude. The object looked dark gray in color, and was moving quite slowly towards the southwest. There is the possibility that a small plane was pulling this object. The witness indicated that the object was very high and would have been of little value for advertising purposes at that altitude. It was much larger than the small aircraft seen nearby.
DATE July 19, 2003
(NUFORC)-At 2:15 P.M., a witness reported seeing a fast moving object crossing the clear sky from NW to SE. The object was of a light color, and moved in a straight line. The object seemed to change shape from box-shaped to triangular.
DATE July 25, 2003
LOCATION Collegeville
(NUFORC)-About 5:15 A.M., the witness reported observing a red light which moved fast then stopped. As the light stopped, it began to flash. The light began to dim, then moved away until it was no longer seen.
DATE July 25, 2003
LOCATION Ligonier, PA area
Report of possible mountain lion sighting in the Ligonier area.
DATE July 30, 2003
Around 10:40 P.M., witness observed two bright flashes of light in the sky. The flashes were originating from a small round object. The two yellow-orange lights approached from the NW then quickly turned towards the NE. In the NE there were three more flashes, then the lights turned directly E. All of this movement and distance was covered in about 7 seconds.
DATE July or August, 2003
The witness was working outside in the garden during a warm afternoon. Suddenly she felt something pass by her right ear with a “whoosh.” Upon looking up, the observer saw what she thought at first was a bird since it was only about 6-8 inches in size. The witness described the object as a vertical cigar shape as it was flying in an upright position. The dark colored object moved extremely fast and only about eight feet off the ground and in an erratic fashion. The object which had no wings, flew off into the sky.
DATE August 15,. 2003
LOCATION Derry Township
Late on the evening of August 15, 2003, I received a report from a witness who sounded quite shaken as she provided me with the details of what she had experienced in the early morning hours of that day. I conducted a detailed interview with the woman over the phone. I was able to go to the scene to conduct an interview and investigation on August 17, 2003. The following is a brief summary of the information I was able to obtain.

The woman was making sandwiches for her husband's lunch, when she realized that she had no lettuce in the refrigerator. The family raised their own vegetable garden which was close to their home, so the woman decided to go outside at about 12:30 A.M. to gather some fresh lettuce. The garden is off to the right side of the residence, and there is some illumination in the area from a light that shines from the rear of their home. The woman picked the lettuce that she needed, then stood up and turned, when her attention was drawn towards a tree about 8 feet away.

Under the tree with it's back leaning against the trunk, was a massive hair covered man-like creature whose head was just touching an overhanging branch. The branch when measured was 96 inches off the ground. The creature was described as covered with long black hair, arms down to the knees, and very broad shouldered. The woman only seconds after seeing it, walked swiftly back into the house where she awakened two other family members, who responded within minutes with guns. When they went outside, the creature was gone. The grass under the tree appeared to have been freshly matted down.

The family noticed that their dog whose house was about 50 feet away from the garden, was not barking, and was hiding in the back of it's pen which was not normal. No sounds or smells were reported. The woman was so shocked to see the creature that she didn't watch it long enough to notice many details. She was quite upset by the experience and said that the height and body size of the creature stuck in her mind. The witness stated to me that after the encounter she cried all night and was terrified.

While I looked over the area for any possible evidence, about 50 feet away in another garden area, I found two possible footprints that had apparently been there for a while. There has been a lot of rain in the area, and the weather had indeed affected the condition of these prints. The tracks were about 15 inches long, but no toes could be discerned. There was a distance of about 42 inches between the two possible prints.

This is the same property where a Bigfoot was reported on two separate occasions last September. The family wishes to remain" anonymous, and has asked me not to identify the location of the occurrences other than to state that this is in Derry Township in Westmoreland County. This is a very wooded area with a large deer population. The area is not far from the Chestnut Ridge, a mountain range where numerous Bigfoot encounters have been reported for years. This woman has now had two encounters with a similar Bigfoot creature, and she has indicated to me that this last experience had really scared her.

DATE August 16, 2003
LOCATION Greensburg
At 7:30 A.M., a witness was walking to her car in a rural location outside of the city. On the steps along the side of the house she saw a large single footprint about 13 inches long and with several toes. It looked as though whatever made it was heading for the nearby woods. This is an area where other Bigfoot related activity has been reported in the past.
DATE August 21, 2003
LOCATION Uniontown
(This report via researcher Jim Brown.) For more details on this case see the full report at: www.hhs.net/jbrown. Two amateur astronomers had their telescopes set up to photograph Mars. One man went inside to get some items. The other witness was looking up into the sky with his eyes when he observed three star-like objects in a line, a position in the sky where nothing should be. The objects were white in color with a mild yellow tint.

Suddenly another light appeared to the east of the other three lights. This light was red-orange in color. This fourth light moved to a position about 2 degrees east of the other lights. At that point a red beam of light emitted from it towards the center light. That center light appeared to explode as fragments emitted from it and descended. After the explosion, the witness saw what looked like a pale blue bubble encompass the area all around the other lights. Soon it appeared to collapse and it appeared as though nothing remained.
DATE August 30, 2003
LOCATION Harrisburg
(NUFORC)-At about 9 P.M., a reddish object sits still for ten minutes, then shoot across the sky.
DATE September 13, 2003
LOCATION Kennerdell
During the evening, several people reported seeing a large cylinder shaped object about 300 yards away, which appeared to be at tree top level. The object which had various lights on it, made no sound and moved slowly off through the sky after being observed.
DATE September 15, 2003
LOCATION Snydersburg
(NUFORC)-Several people observed a triangular shaped object which was accompanied by another smaller object.
DATE October 13, 2003
About 8 P.M., the witness was looking SW and noticed a bright star-like object in the sky. Suddenly the witness watched this light “burst and fall” The object then looked like a ball with a tail on it. No sound was detected.
DATE October 14, 2003
(NUFORC)-A triangular shaped object which was reported low and hovered in the sky, emitted a white beam of light while under observation.
DATE October 21, 2003
LOCATION Salem Township
Around 6:45 A.M., a teenage girl was on her way to school when she said that she saw a circle of lights at tree top level across the road from where she was located. The witness reports that this lighted object began to move in her direction and moved low overhead. An odd steady sound was emitted from the object as it hovered nearby. The object quickly ascended into the sky and began to move in the direction from where it first originated. The girl reported the account to her family after returning home.
DATE November 4, 2003
(NUFORC)-A cylinder shaped object, yellow and orange in color moved across the sky from SE to NE.
DATE November 8, 2003
LOCATION Lancaster
Two witnesses near the Route 30 bypass observed a bright white solid rectangular shaped object hovering in the sky.
DATE November 11, 2003
LOCATION Blairsville
A man with many years of tracking experience, reported seeing a trail of large cat tracks which he believed were made by a mountain lion.
DATE November 11, 2003
(NUFORC)-Two people reported observing a triangular but more delta wing shaped aircraft moving slowly over the area at a low altitude.
DATE November 29, 2003
(NUFORC)-Several witnesses reported a triangular object with lights on each corner, and red light which was flashing in the center area.
DATE December 31, 2003
A witness was driving on Route 30 west of Ligonier. The weather was good in the area. At about 1:30 P.M., The woman driver noticed an object flying through the sky about 10 feet off the ground moving up the right lane of the highway. She at first thought it was a bird but no wings were visible. As the object began to move closer in her direction, the witness could see that the object was about a foot long, shaped like a cigar, and it appeared to be metallic. On the side of the object were several dark, possibly black bands. At a distance of about 15 feet, the object changed direction and began to keep pace with the vehicle. The object then hovered above the vehicle, then moved to a position about 12 feet away in front of the vehicle. The object then suddenly flew off overhead and was no longer observed. The entire experience lasted about 15 seconds.

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